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Sports Psychology

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is all in your head. Use this tribe to give tips for focuses and developing techniques to improve performance in your head

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George K Sports Psychology Tribe

You need to follow your own body and a sure fire way to not see very much progress is to overtrain. DO not let people push you too far. 

The most difficult thing for me is to trust a program and STOP training, because for many years it was 2...

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Karla R Sports Psychology Tribe

Hello  @mgdelmoro                  

I have a question as well. I am preparing for an endurance canoe race.  We paddle 20-26 hours before our first rest stop.  What are some techniques for staying mentally alert while being exhausted. How can one...

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Karla R Sports Psychology Tribe

Contributorgold Karla R Hello fellow Tribesman! Have joined the Sports Psychology Trive for information and assistance - am learning about the power of the mind to help excel at sports. I know that my inability to really push myself, because of I think is fear of failure, will limit me and i need to get over that. Looking forward to the education.

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