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Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is an essential part of life. Running, exercising, hard work.....all require us to do more to keep ourselves hydrated. There are numerous options available to us in order to help us achieve a well-hydrated state, but which ones work best...and what do they work best for? I was searching through hydration packs and vests today and thought it would be a great thing to have a place I could go for real tips from real users instead of posts of how great a product was where the product is sold.

So lets discuss the best learned tips, do's and don'ts we have learned about staying hydrated. Bottles, packs, vests, water vs sports drinks....when should you drink and how much...? Along with all of the other things we can pass on to one another about it.

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Bindy T Stay Hydrated Tribe

To drink enough water is always good, because it keeps your body and brain hydrated during the day, and more is required for sports and exercise, but it's not good to drink too much, as you can actually die from drinking too much water (water into...

Rachel C Stay Hydrated Tribe

Rachel C My choir has to keep track of our water intake. When you track how much water you drink a day, it really puts things in perspective. Make sure you drink lots of water. If you tend not to drink just a glass of water whenever, replace your soda or coffee with water.

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Jennifer W Stay Hydrated Tribe

If you're obsessive like me, this iOS app might help you keep track of how much water you need and how much you've drunk so far. It's called Water Your Body (there is a lite version available for free). The reason...

Sonu K Stay Hydrated Tribe

Your water requirement depends on multiple factors: 1. Physiology: Age/weight/sex 2. Climate: Hor dry climate will necessicate higher water requirement. 3. Metabolic activities: One active runner or marathon...

Julia B Stay Hydrated Tribe

I live in a hot and humid area so I usually drink about 3 liters a day but I would advise at least 2 liters a day if you lead an active lifestyle.  I never go anywhere without my water bottle :)  I also put some lemo...

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Ross S Stay Hydrated Tribe

8 glasses a day is recommend for the average person highly active with exercise, i consume water whenever i can ( around 15 glasses a day) As Evan says check your urine anything but clear means you arent taking...

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Sierra S Stay Hydrated Tribe

I need to drink at least 15 cups a day or I feel like I'm not getting enough water. I usually aim for 18-20 cups a day though. It sounds like a lot but if you work out and sip on it through out the day, it's not hard...

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Evan W Stay Hydrated Tribe

Ive got a 750ml camel back water bottle. And I try to empty it as often as possible. Dont take offense to this...but regardless of activity level, if your urine isnt clear...youre not drinking enough.

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