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Strength Training

No matter what your sport is what fitness goal you are training for, strength training should be a part of your program. Strength training is not just for powerlifters and bodybuilders or general gym goers wanting to gain weight. Strength training is important for improving flexibility, speed and explosive power. It is the most effective method of increasing core strength and stability and, most importantly can help hugely with injury prevention.

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Cecelia S Strength Training Tribe

Contributorsilver Cecelia S Any tips to offer for back squats? We tested for our 1 rep max and my max was 180. I've been training since March 2013, my very first 1 RM was only 95 lbs, so I know I'm progressing, but this cycle seems really difficult!! Our cycle requires us to lift 50, 60, 70 and 80% of our 1 rm for five reps and today I could barely do it! Is there any accessory muscle exercises I can benefit from? My trainer said to really control the down, and then explode back up, which did really help, but I forgot to ask if there's anything else I can do to strengthen other supporting muscles. Thanks in advance!

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Have you been following that same routine since you started? If so, it's more than time to change it. Even the most productive routines will become less effective over time. Try varying it a bit, either higher reps (with smaller weights), different tempo or foot position or even switch to the leg press for a couple of weeks. Then return to your original system and, even if you can't re-start at your original level, you should be able to see some progress again.

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@ Jon A thanks! I will def try some higher reps, mostly because I like the idea of lighter weights at the moment LOL

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Daniel H Strength Training Tribe

Communicatorsilver Daniel H created the topic What I've been up to!

What have I been up to?? Okay, some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around for awhile. Doesn’t mean I’m not training. I know I always say this – but I think I have put more emphasis on training at the moment than ever!!! Anyway – I ...

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