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Strength Training

No matter what your sport is what fitness goal you are training for, strength training should be a part of your program. Strength training is not just for powerlifters and bodybuilders or general gym goers wanting to gain weight. Strength training is important for improving flexibility, speed and explosive power. It is the most effective method of increasing core strength and stability and, most importantly can help hugely with injury prevention.

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Kari K Strength Training Tribe

i personally like to work out on an almost empty stomach, but i eat my snack 30-60 min before hand and it's usually a banana. you can add a tablespoon of peanut butter to help hold you through :)

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Big Swede ! Strength Training Tribe

if i was you i take in a shake of a good gainer,then on the way to the gym take in a good preworkout drink that contains abit of everything,like creatine,coffein,argnine,beta aline and some bcaa,there is loads of the...

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Claire L Strength Training Tribe
Claire L Strength Training Tribe

Ahh well I am sure as long as it's not too close to your workout with the tuna, food before a workout can make your body burn muscle rather then fat... Coffee? Umm I wouldn't of thought it would be a problem without s...

Claire L Strength Training Tribe

I eat mine 30 mins before if I'm hungry but if your building muscle and still get hungry you may be better with protein powder, upping your protein makes a big difference.

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Bill S Strength Training Tribe
Kimberly K Strength Training Tribe
Chris F Strength Training Tribe

I never snack. I am an intermittent faster on a one-meal-a-day. I train three to four times a day (it's my job) and don't eat until 8-9pm. My energy levels are sky high throughout the day. The hunger pangs are more a...

James (Jim) G Strength Training Tribe

Rows are for; Posterior Deltoids (back of upper shoulder) Biceps Brachii If done correctly to include drawing the shoulder back to bring the shoulder blade closer to it's partner then they are also good for ...

Joanne H Strength Training Tribe

I did some inverted rows today and some time later it occurred to me that I was mostly using my triceps. As an archer I know that my back muscles are stronger than my arm muscles. Should I have been focusing more on using my back or is this mean...

Bette H Strength Training Tribe

Bette H Did a short arm and shoulder workout--2 different types of Bicep curls, Lateral raise, Reverse lateral raise, shoulder press, and upright row.


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John B Strength Training Tribe

I am having knee surgery later this week and am resorting to an all an all around upper body workout until I recover fully.  I do seated shoulder presses along with isolation curls and rows.  I also lay on my back an...

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