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The Breakfast Club

The most important meal of the day but one that can sometimes be hard to fit into a hectic schedule. Join this tribe if you want to share ideas, recipes and tips for a healthy and nutritious start to the day with other TS users.

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Graham H The Breakfast Club Tribe

Contributorgold Graham H hello, feel a bit funny joining a breakfast club, when i only eat a breakfast at weekends, its either scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or 6 weatabix with a diced banana,blueberries,diced pear, a few strawberries and half a pint of milk. all quite quick and filling

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Aaron  G The Breakfast Club Tribe

Contributorgold Aaron G This morning up at 5:00 made spinach and diced tomato scrambled eggs with one piece of toast with 2 pieces of turkey bacon. Enjoyed my coffee as the sun came up. All before going to work today.


HOW do you keep the motivation up to keep getting up at 5 and doing all that? I tried, it worked for a few weeks but I'm slipping back to sleeping in and rushing out the door...

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Neil A The Breakfast Club Tribe

My latest breakfast is porridge, oats and almond milk 1:2, microwave for 2min 30, add whatever I fancy, usually peanut butter. And while it's cooling down I do some exercises, usually bodyweight or resistance band, an active warm up if you like....

Chris F The Breakfast Club Tribe

Soy - has long been removed from the superfood and health list.  Whole soybeans are rich in micronutrients, but they also contain phytates which block absorption of minerals. Soybeans are very rich in Omega-6 polyuns...

Emma  H The Breakfast Club Tribe

I try to stick to drinking soya milk instead of cows milk, but I find I never finish the carton before it goes out of date (after 3 days) so I'd love to find out some more ways of using it up. Theres only so many bowls of cereal a girl can have :...

Bassel S The Breakfast Club Tribe

Contributorgold Bassel S I recommend tuna salad (with lettuce, carrot, olives) as a healthy breakfast for champions ... it's a very effective cleaning machine inside your digestive system & give power along the day :))

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Ruth C The Breakfast Club Tribe

Jaanika, do you have carbohydrates before bed or last meal? I find I'm ravenous in the morning if I have, and if I have take away Chinese I can't wait to eat. Maybe try protein in the night, even a glass of milk, see if that helps your stomac...

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James M

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23rd February 2012



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