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favourite club or team?

Question • 8 answers

whats your favourite club or team and has anyone went to any of their matches?

Newest answer

Rangers fc


running for football

Question • 4 answers

i started running again today, but i am just wandering what are peoples thoughts about the length or time a football player should run, obviously it differs for each postition and other training will benefit! 

Newest answer

Well, I go for half-hour blocks of sprinting before my training sessions, if that's what you mean.


plyometrics for football!

Question • 2 answers

I dont know if there is a football coach or trainer here that could help me out? Basically from june I'm aiming to train for next season 11 a-side football! I've hard plyometrics helps accleration, although certain excercises of plyometrics only suit cert...

Newest answer

rob ask alex, he's doing his FA coaching thing right now so he could pass on some information


Football – The Dorian Grey of sport.

Question • 2 answers

Considered to be the beautiful game by many and a moniker most loved by FIFA, UEFA and the FA. But is there really an ugly portrait tucked away in the attic.  I love sport and I love the simplicity of football. Probably the only game played by every nation...

Newest answer

Cheating and corruption is present everywhere where there is money involved, football has a lot more money pumping through it than other sports and a lot more publicity. Doesnt help that the people at the top of FIFA are doing very little to modernise the...


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