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Trail Runners

This tribe is for Trail Runners of all levels. May the more experienced offer tips and advice for the beginners and may everyone have a great time exploring the trails at a swift pace!

  • Clinton L

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Roy K Trail Runners Tribe

Communicatorbronze Roy K created the topic Toe shoes

I have had a pair of Vibram toe shoes for almost four years and I absolutely love them. They really help with balance and foot/ankle strength. I would like see other peoples experiences with them in trail running or any other sport.

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David L Trail Runners Tribe

Communicatorbronze David L replied to the topic Shoes for trail running?

I'm really glad I asked this question here. So much great information has come out of it from people much more experinced than myself. Hopefully it'll be a good guide for anyone else having the same questions as me! Thanks everyone!

Gregory M Trail Runners Tribe

Communicatorbronze Gregory M replied to the topic Shoes for trail running?

I use Inov8's and I have two pair. One with Gortex and one without.  The Gortex keeps the rain and snow out to a point but they have good feel on the ground.  The Gortex ones are slightly larger so if ordering them online keep that in mind.  I als...

Francesca E Trail Runners Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Francesca E answered the question Newton shoes?

I'm on my second pair of Distance.  The first pair really rubbed my little toes during a half marathon, so I recently bought a half-size up.  They rub a bit, too, unfortunately, so I used pair #1 as my guineapigs and...

Dave M Trail Runners Tribe

Contributorbronze Dave M I have to agree with Steve S, I much prefer the softer surface of trail running. With the warm weather, the trails are beginning to dry up here, did a 55 minute run this afternoon.

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David L Trail Runners Tribe

Communicatorbronze David L replied to the topic Shoes for trail running?

I don't have to deal with snow luckily! But as a slightly unrelated update my old Nikes I used for road runs were starting to get a bit worn, and I decided to go a bit lighter for road runs too. I tossed up between Inov8 and NewBalance Minimus roa...

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Tribe creator

Jack R

created the tribe

25th June 2012



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