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Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes

Vegetarian & Vegan tribe Athlete. A tribe for athletes to achieve their full potential and boost their performance levels purely on a vegetarian and vegan diet.

And also learn the secret recipes of the ancient world on fuel, spices and grains that can substitute the gels, sugary drinks.

Feel I feel everyday. Willing to share, to hear your thoughts and answer questions.

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Dave W Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes Tribe

Yes, sorry guys, I know this tribe is for Vegetarians and I'm not, but I am intending to have a Vegetarian day each week and it's a completely new concept for me.

Do you have any suggestions or recipes for Tofu that should be suitable for someone...

Susan W Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes Tribe

I eat "raw til 4". I do find it easier to eat more raw in the summer months but now have gotten a good routine that works. My exceptions are oatmeal, potatoes and soups, chili. Seem to need those comfort foods in the...

Vixie D Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes Tribe

Hey peeps!  I was brought up veggie so have been my whole life (31 years) - I've never had meat and never wanted to try it. It was crazy hard growing up when none of my friends were veggie, but my mum and grandmother are strict veggies too, so tha...

Christina W Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes Tribe

Just saw your questions posted. I'm definitely no marathon runner and no where close to being vegan, but I have read up a lot on the benefits of it. Brendan Brazier (Canadian Ultra Marathon champion) is a vegan and h...

Tamara A Vegetarian & Vegan Athletes Tribe

I am in the process of transitioning to a raw vegan way of living - my question; are there any marathon runners that follow  a raw vegan diet & maintain fast times? What would a pre long run meal be?

Thanks : )

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24th May 2011



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