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Yoga postures (known as asanas)

The heart of yoga is 'yoga postures'. Each of yoga postures has its own physical and mental benefits.
This tribe is for yoga lovers to share all yoga postures, photos, instructions and benefits.

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Meghan L Yoga postures (known as asanas) Tribe

There are some yoga places here that do get more into the spirituality but I haven't been in any of those.  Where I go for yoga it's more about the exercise aspect.  I do get the centering & the grounding, & I feel that even more if I'm doing...

Tori S Yoga postures (known as asanas) Tribe

Tori S responded to the guide Breathing improvement posture

during the course of the day we only breathe through one side of the nose at a time. Most commonly in two hour intervals. Practicing alternate nostril breathing helps to improve clarity and focus and if done regularly helps restore balance to an o...

Martin E Yoga postures (known as asanas) Tribe

Martin E replied to the topic Dangers of yoga?

Your teacher sounds like a careful, modern so-called Yoga teacher.  However, it is not classical Yoga.  The classical Gurus had long discussions about your spititual life and during meditaton were able to judge your spiritual develpopment.  then ...

Lori P Yoga postures (known as asanas) Tribe

Lori P replied to the topic Dangers of yoga?

I took a credited yoga class last quarter at my college and the teacher evolved me from a yoga-liker to making yoga a way of life. Not just for the health benefits, but for the peace of mind it gave me. Not only that, but the confidence that went...

Peter L Yoga postures (known as asanas) Tribe

Contributorbronze Peter L Do any of you have a favorite asana or asanas? Mine are headstand,shoulderstand,plough and cobra,practiced in that order. I'll hold these poses for several minutes. They have such a stimulating effect on me that I repeat them several times. I experience withdrawal symptoms if I've missed a session!!

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