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Sport Motivations

Tribe • 5851 members

Everyone has there lazy days. Those days you can't be bothered to get of your ass and do something, for all the excuses you make, and for all the faffing you do to prevent it! This tribe is for people to post Inspiring sayings and stories to get the readers...

Bodyweight Only

Tribe • 5577 members

A tribe for the people who love body weight exercises and use them to attain their prime fitness.

Yoga postures (known as asanas)

Tribe • 5146 members

The heart of yoga is 'yoga postures'. Each of yoga postures has its own physical and mental benefits. This tribe is for yoga lovers to share all yoga postures, photos, instructions and benefits.

Half marathon

Tribe • 4949 members

Whether you are a novice just finding your running feet or an experienced half marathon runner come share tips, training advice and the occasional joke :-)

Strength Training For Runners

Tribe • 4523 members

Running is a total body workout, but some muscle groups are stressed more that others. This can create disparity in opposing muscle groups (e.g. quadriceps and hamstrings lack balance). Lack of parity in opposing muscle groups is one reason for injury. T...

Core Strength

Tribe • 4374 members

What exactly is core strength and why should you worry about it? All of our movements are powered by the torso. The abs and back work together to support the spine when we sit, stand, bend over, pick things up, exercise and more. The torso is the body's cen...


Tribe • 4301 members

Shut Up and Squat! The Ultimate exercise for any level and any sport. Tell me a sport where it doesn't help!? If you love to squat and feel that burn then you're at the right tribe. Join in for tips on the best training programmes, techniques and share your...

Exercise Psychology

Tribe • 3914 members

50% of new exerisers are likely to drop out within six months, because starting and maintaining a fitness programme can be tough when it's not been part of your life before. Join this Tribe to talk and learn about ways of keeping motivated and developing a...

Gyming tribe – Women only!

Tribe • 3717 members

Addicted to the gym or recently joined and wanting to learn more. Well here is the place for all us gym bunnies! Come update your training, share experiences, get top tips, latest equipment and the real download on the latest fitness fads!!... So come join...

Training for beach bodies!

Tribe • 3512 members

If your currently training for a summer beach body, this is the place for you to share and discuss workouts, meals, and supplements!

The 300 Challenge (Abs & Core)

Tribe • 3223 members 15 minutes a day for 30 days!!!! check out the link ^ for the full workout/ description/ pictures! but it goes as follows: 25 Ins-n-Outs 25 Bicycles 25 Reverse Bicycle...

Getting Fit So I Can Look Better Naked

Tribe • 3198 members

One of these days, I will look like Ryan Gosling (at least from the neck down). In the meantime, we can all join here and discuss the various logistics of our quest for the perfect bedroom bodies. Let's get fit now so later we will have a chance to burn eve...

The Breakfast Club

Tribe • 2989 members

The most important meal of the day but one that can sometimes be hard to fit into a hectic schedule. Join this tribe if you want to share ideas, recipes and tips for a healthy and nutritious start to the day with other TS users.

Beginner Marathon Runners

Tribe • 2966 members

Running your first marathon is nerve racking - the training looks daunting, and the thought of running for several hours, non-stop just seems absurd. But the marathon holds an allure that draws hundreds of thousands to take it on each year. This is the ...


Tribe • 2760 members

Zumba is a dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. If you like to 'shake it like Shakira' and have been swooped up in the latest fitness and dance craze, join our Tribe and share your s...


Tribe • 2741 members

Adventurers out there unite. Let's share here our adventures, stories, expeditions, post our blogs so we get to know each other. This tribe can motivate many more people to become adventurers and explore the wonderful world around us...and beyond P.S....

From FAT to FIT

Tribe • 2665 members

A tribe for those of us that started out, or are starting out, to loss weight and ended up on a journey of self discovery getting fit along the way.

Gym Goers

Tribe • 2665 members

Love the gym? join our Tribe to share tips, training ideas, great circuits and general gym goers chat. All welcome!

Pull-ups and Dips

Tribe • 2664 members

A tribe for all things pull-ups and dips. Post your techniques/achievements/kit.

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