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San Antonio Runners

Tribe • 8 members

Live in (or near) San Antonio, Texas? Love running? Whether you do or don't wear shoes, whether you're an expert or a newbie, on or off-road, this Tribe is for all those who love running in the Great city of San Antonio! Join other San Antonio area r...

Ninja tribe!

Tribe • 21 members

All ninjass, Bujunkan students are welcomed here :)

Mums who Run

Tribe • 39 members

We all know how hard it is to try to squeeze a run in between the driving around the children to various clubs, getting dinner ready and trying to catch up on laundry! That precious bit of running time we get is oh sooo amazing when we get it. Join other mu...

Skinny Boys

Tribe • 60 members

This tribe is for the smaller built guys out there that are trying to build a little bit of muscle mass to fill out their physique. We're not bodybuilders, just skinny guys that don't want to be so skinny any more. Advice, tactics, and encouragement for a...

Austria Tribe

Tribe • 74 members

For anyone living in, from, interested in or who ENJOYS Austria! All are welcome!


Tribe • 19 members

A tribe for Expats the world over, from anywhere, living anywhere! Different culture... different languages... subtleties of gesture, of accepted behaviour, word choice, "foreign" concepts, as well as things that humans share the world over... If you're ...

The Non-Tribe

Tribe • 152 members

This is the "Non-Tribe." The theme of this tribe is the same as the theme of the Jerry Seinfeld show: it's about nothing. This is the tribe to be a member of for no reason at all. No themes, no serious issues, just non-membership to a non-tribe. Groucho Mar...

The Winners!

Tribe • 51 members

This tribe is for everyone here, because we are on the way to being winners by changing our lives through sport and keeping fit! Post proud moments and feel like a winner :)

I find it very Pinteresting...

Tribe • 35 members

Pinterest pinners seeking health and fitness... keep on pinning the pinspiring pins and let's challenge each other to be more fit!


Tribe • 11 members

I'm looking to get a team together for the tough mudder 2013 challenge and am interested to hear if anyone has ever done it or is thinking about doing it? Let me know! Watching this is what motivated me to want to do it...


Tribe • 14 members

A tribe for all of us Clydesdale Runners. A weight division for males over 200lbs.

Foam Roller (aka Self Massage)

Tribe • 355 members

Foam rollers are fantastic self massage (or myofascial massage). This tribe is the place to discuss its merits, how to techniques and tips on using the foam rollers


Tribe • 52 members

Have you ever felt like giving up, but continue to push on? Have you trained 5 days a week and give the weekends the rest like your working days? You may be working or studying, but somehow we make time to exercise and train for that healthy lifestyle...

Brooks Running Shoes

Tribe • 41 members

Love Brooks running shoes? I do! Sitting in my first pair of Brooks - bright green Pure Flows to be exact. Unless they decline in fit and/or quality, Brooks will be my sneaker of choice. If you like Brooks as much as I do, join the Tribe, share your sneak...

The Challenge Creators Pledge

Tribe • 142 members

This is a pledge for all those who create challenges on Tribesports and consists of three main parts; 1. Check for duplicate challenges - there are a load of duplicate challenges on Tribesports that are exactly the same, be as original as you can. 2. Be c...

Momentum Martial Artists

Tribe • 13 members

This Tribe represents members of Momentum Martial Arts, a Martial Arts and Combat Sport club located in Saskatchewan, Canada. All are welcome, Momentum Martial Artists are encouraged.

BFF For Health

Tribe • 18 members

For Best of Friends who are into working out together for fun, inspiration, motivation and for GOOD HEALTH!


Tribe • 17 members

Skipping is a lot of fun and great for general fitness. If you are an reasonble skipper and fancy a challenge why not try my double under challenge. "A Double Under is simply to pass the rope under your feet twice in one jump - see image" THE CHALLE...

Nature running

Tribe • 122 members

You run... You run trails... U get lost in the wild, loose track of time, become one with nature.. No distractions, music, talking devices, nothing.. Just you and the great outdoors. That's nature running, and it's the best thing ever!


Tribe • 80 members

Question regarding sneakers? This is the place to ask for input and help making the correct decision.

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