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Hula Hooping Fun

Tribe • 62 members

A tribe for the hula hoopers! This is like the continuation of 30 Day Hula Hoop. Instead of creating another 30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge I figured a hula hoop tribe will be a much better option! :)

Get Published

Tribe • 32 members

This is a tribe for all you aspiring writers to share your experiences, knowledge, guides, contacts and tips. If you want to get published in the fitness world or already have been, join this tribe.


Tribe • 101 members

Love aromatherapy? Are you interested in scented candles, essential oils, burning incense, aromatherapy massage, scented infusers and reeds and bath oils? Love the effects of aromatherapy on your senses and your health? Join other aromatherapy lovers and sh...

Winterphobics Anonymous

Tribe • 20 members

Living in the UK is lovely, but although I love a fresh bright and cold winters day , and I LOVE the snow - I do not like the endless grey, drizzly nothingness that winter generally brings. It's when I find it the hardest to be motivated, to be awake, and t...

Eau Claire Area Wisconsin Multi-sport

Tribe • 8 members

I thought it would be great to see if we can get others in the Eau Claire Area together to help encourage each other to keep pushing our selves. I do not want this to be one sport specific as I Jog, Run, Road Bike, Mt. Bike, Tri, Adventure Race and just ab...

Wii fit users

Tribe • 43 members

Users of Wii fit share your sucess and tips here

Team FatBird Singapore

Tribe • 29 members

Team FatBird [] is a community of like minded and highly passionate runners. We love organising and leading group runs, training and pacing activities and events to share our love of running with all who are keen to maintain a healthy lif...

Northern Ireland Tribe Sports Group

Tribe • 12 members

People of Northern Ireland who like to keep fit by doing whatever sport or fitness technique you're into, come here and share your goals, experiences and woes, and also if you are looking for some support or encouragement and so forth, Also use this page...

The Tidying Tribe

Tribe • 28 members

This tribe is for people who want to turn housework into a workout. Join The Tidying Tribe and share tips, ask questions and share the sparkling results of your hard work!

Windsurfers Tribe

Tribe • 9 members

The buzz of windsurfing is hard to beat, admittedly it can be sometimes tricky to master without help, which is the purpose of this tribe! Chat, share ideas and get advice from windsurfers so we can all benefit. Windsurfing is a great sport for a full body...

Olympians Inspired Us!

Tribe • 42 members

Did the Olympics inspire you to start a sport? Are you still doing that sport or are you feeling a bit jaded? Do you get confused with terms in your sport that you don't know what they mean? Are you still as eager as you were when you started? If you can...

Singapore Flatwater Kayakers

Tribe • 9 members

For those who love the sense of speed you get from paddling your kayak really fast on flatwater (e.g. reservoir), let's get together to paddle!

Determined Facercisers

Tribe • 42 members

Want to look younger? Facercise is a world famous series of synergistic facial exercises targeting all 57 muscles of the face and neck, resulting in a lifted, toned appearance. In just 10 minutes a day, you can take years off your looks. Try it at http://ww...

Man at Arms

Tribe • 34 members

Love those BIG arms of Hulk? We do too!

Large and In Charge

Tribe • 26 members

A Tribe just for us big guys (and gals). We are larger than most people, in height and/or weight, but still have a passion for exercise and camaraderie. Share your secrets for intense workouts or how you've solved a problem that others may come across.

Chuck Norris

Tribe • 68 members

Chuck Norris doesn't join tribes, he creates them.

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