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ING NYC 2012 Marathon

Tribe • 5 members

Are you IN? We are! Join this Tribe for those running the 2012 ING NYC Marathon to share tips, ask questions, and commiserate about those oh-so-long training runs!


Tribe • 89 members

We are about setting big goals and achieving them together.

Live forever or die trying!

Tribe • 97 members

We are about living healthier through exercise and diet, as well as improving our skills in physical activities and sports.

Gymnastics / Gymnasts

Tribe • 239 members

Are you a currently training, ex gymnast, or just do it at weekends for a hobby? Join for all things gymnastics!


Tribe • 1024 members

Lets face it, legs are not where many bodybuilders begin when they start training...big mistake! Legs can quickly lag behind and have trouble catching up as chest, arms and delts muscles that have been over- developed begin to sap up most of the nutrients!...

Runners in Spain

Tribe • 12 members

A tribe for people who holiday or live in Spain and love to run there. Share amazing runs with other members and show us your photos of you running in this beautiful country.....xx

Morningstar Inc

Tribe • 9 members

Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, with operations in 26 countries. Morningstar offers an extensive line of products and services for individuals, financial advisors, and...

Midnight Runners

Tribe • 21 members

C'mon fellow runners after dark and join me! I've been running in the streets, fields, sidewalks and trails for most of my life after dark! Less traffic, less people (more mskeeters haha) , not as hot outside, quieter. There are, drunk dri...

Kobayashi Aikido Tribe

Tribe • 14 members

This Tribe is for the aikidokas out there practitioners of the Kobayashi style as well as all interested in learning more about this style. Kokusai Aikidō Kenshūkai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ha (国際合気道研修会小林裕和派) is the school of aikido propagated by Hirokazu Kob...


Tribe • 76 members

This tribe is for those that use Endomondo to track their running, cycling or other activities.

Mobility for Sport

Tribe • 55 members

This tribe focuses on ways to increase your joint mobility (i.e. the ability to move a joint through its natural range of motion). Joint mobility isn't necessarily about flexibility: often moving a joint through its full range doesn't require any flexibilit...


Tribe • 16 members

This is tribe for the people who are in their 50s (50years -59years11 months and 29 days of their age) ha ha ha...

East Asian Runners

Tribe • 6 members

Tribe of East Asia(Mongolia, China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, and Japan) runners.

BMX Riders

Tribe • 12 members

This tribe is for BMX riders of all abilities, and including racers, freestylers, jumpers, cruisers and everything in between. Share tips, ask advice and just chat!

Recommending and sharing challenges

Tribe • 113 members

Take the guesswork out of finding challenges to tackle and complete. Join other Tribesports members to share past and present challenges. Share tips, ask questions and recommend challenges for other challenge lovers to take. For example, find a running budd...

Weekend runner

Tribe • 46 members

Tribe of the person who runs mainly on the weekend because there is work on weekdays.

TS Challenge Tracking

Tribe • 213 members

This tribe is for everyone to share their ideas and/or methods which they use to track their TS challenges. Notebooks, spreadsheets....whatever you use, please share what works best for you! I am so unorganized, I can't seem to keep track of all my differen...

Warriors Within

Tribe • 107 members

The most important strength is strength of heart! Without it, what will you achieve? DEDICATION IS KEY!!

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