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UK Trail Runners

Tribe • 53 members

A tribe for UK trail runners (everyone welcome). Share your favourite trails in and around the UK. Lets see some photos.


Tribe • 35 members

This is a tribe that is dedicated to the sharing of tips, training routines, articles, resources and anything else that has to do with short distance running.

Perfect Posture

Tribe • 445 members

A good posture means that your bones are properly aligned and that your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as nature intended them to. This tribe is for sharing tips, trick and resources that will help you get and maintain that perfect posture that ...

Super Hoopers

Tribe • 30 members

For those who love hooping and those who have never hooped before. This is the place to learn something new and improve your skills. Eventually, you will feel the hoop is an extension of yourself and will be able to flow gracefully for hours. Come join this...

Running in Mexico

Tribe • 10 members

Do you (or have) run in Mexico while living, working or in vacationing? Let us know how it went, you favorite routes and post some pictures of your runing.

Cheese Lovers

Tribe • 83 members

I love cheese and so I am dedicating this tribe to the people who for the first time used their imagination and skills to create something very wonderful from milk, something tastier and nutritious and something called 'Cheese'. Come one guys and gals, come...

Engineer Runners

Tribe • 17 members

Engineers are basically nerds who lack social skills. Add running to that and what do you get? If you are some flavor of an engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Nuclear, etc.) and like to run, feel free to join the party! Wantabees are welcome, too!

Dragon Boating

Tribe • 34 members

A tribe for all the people who take part, or want to take part, in Dragon Boating anywhere in the world. Join the tribe and share all your training experience, tips and stories.

Hiking in the US

Tribe • 114 members

The title explains itself! If you love talking about it, reading about it and going out hiking and backpacking as much as I do I want to hear about it. I love hearing stories of where people have been, what they did and how it changed them. I am also an...

TED Talks

Tribe • 43 members

This is a tribe for people who like to learn stuff in short bytes--about sports, life, health, learning, science, the economy, politics, or just about anything that's worth knowing--when it is presented by experts who can really get ideas across while enter...

The Impossible List

Tribe • 130 members

Have you heard of Joel Runyon? He does the IMPOSSIBLE! I found his website to be incredibly motivating and inspirational, and I'm pretty to keen to put together my very own Impossible List. What I lov...

Super Foods

Tribe • 1855 members

Have you tried superfoods? Do they actually work? A tribe for you to let others know.


Tribe • 38 members

It can be hard to get out and do what you want when you have a family. Let other users know how you manage this and if you incorporate your family into your work out.

Expats in the UK and everywhere else

Tribe • 8 members

Are you a newbie in a new country? Need to find out where to workout in your newly adopted country? Do you just wanna chat about the stress of living in a whole different country? We do too! Join other expats from around the world to talk about how life is...

Training aids

Tribe • 50 members

what do you use to help you keep on top of your fitness and how do you rate it?

Gadgets and Gizmos

Tribe • 49 members

What gadgets and gimzos do you use to help you train and how do you rate them?

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