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Kobayashi Aikido Tribe

Tribe • 14 members

This Tribe is for the aikidokas out there practitioners of the Kobayashi style as well as all interested in learning more about this style. Kokusai Aikidō Kenshūkai Kobayashi Hirokazu Ha (国際合気道研修会小林裕和派) is the school of aikido propagated by Hirokazu Kob...


Tribe • 75 members

This tribe is for those that use Endomondo to track their running, cycling or other activities.

Mobility for Sport

Tribe • 55 members

This tribe focuses on ways to increase your joint mobility (i.e. the ability to move a joint through its natural range of motion). Joint mobility isn't necessarily about flexibility: often moving a joint through its full range doesn't require any flexibilit...


Tribe • 15 members

This is tribe for the people who are in their 50s (50years -59years11 months and 29 days of their age) ha ha ha...

East Asian Runners

Tribe • 6 members

Tribe of East Asia(Mongolia, China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, and Japan) runners.

BMX Riders

Tribe • 12 members

This tribe is for BMX riders of all abilities, and including racers, freestylers, jumpers, cruisers and everything in between. Share tips, ask advice and just chat!

Recommending and sharing challenges

Tribe • 113 members

Take the guesswork out of finding challenges to tackle and complete. Join other Tribesports members to share past and present challenges. Share tips, ask questions and recommend challenges for other challenge lovers to take. For example, find a running budd...

Weekend runner

Tribe • 46 members

Tribe of the person who runs mainly on the weekend because there is work on weekdays.

TS Challenge Tracking

Tribe • 212 members

This tribe is for everyone to share their ideas and/or methods which they use to track their TS challenges. Notebooks, spreadsheets....whatever you use, please share what works best for you! I am so unorganized, I can't seem to keep track of all my differen...

Warriors Within

Tribe • 106 members

The most important strength is strength of heart! Without it, what will you achieve? DEDICATION IS KEY!!


Tribe • 19 members

This Group is for people to post videos of your adventures. GoPros are an amazing Camera that will allow you to document yourself doing your sports. They can handle abuse and will keep up when your going fast! You can get harnesses, mounts and tripods th...


Tribe • 13 members

From snowboarders to skiers to sledders! If you get up in the high altitudes and down in the cold powder, you're an official shredder! Join the Snowshredders Tribe and share your powder adventures, and make new snowboarding buddies! The more, the merrier. Y...


Tribe • 40 members

Tricking (short for “martial arts tricking”) is the informal name of a relatively new underground alternative sport movement, combining martial arts, gymnastics, and other activities to create an “aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists.” Tricking incor...

Fit Science Geeks

Tribe • 49 members

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than all around you. Lovers of astronomy, nature, the environment and who also happen to love working out are welcome! We love challenges that test your fitness, speed, strength and endurance while helping us to enj...

Running with my Dog

Tribe • 64 members

If you love to run with your best friend, your dog, this is the tribe for you.

Correre scalzi

Tribe • 7 members

Per tutti i coraggiosi che corrono in modo naturale.

Do or Die Runner

Tribe • 10 members

The challenge is for anybody who is willing to reach his/her goal to place in the top three of any road races, track long distance races, or plain cross country races any where in the world. Make sure to write the complete name of the race, date, place, tim...

1000km in a year tribe

Tribe • 54 members

Need some incentive to get out and about more often, hitting the pavement or your favourite terrain? Want to get more fresh air, burn calories, get fitter or simply feel better? Or are you wanting a reason to hit that treadmill more often, if that's you...

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