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Addz S @addz360

I'm Addz, my main sports are freerunning, parkour, gymnastics, running, obstacle racing, and bouldering. To help with these i do lots of body conditioning/play with my favourite ever birthday present - a set of adjustable 30kg dumbells! happy training!!

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Run 2 miles without stopping Challenge Run A Half Marathon Race In 2 Hours Or Less Challenge 20k Trail Run Challenge Run for 1 hour without walking! Challenge Run at an average pace of 10 min mile or less Challenge Run the Distance of a Half Marathon in 2 Hours or Less Challenge Run A Mile under 10 Minutes Challenge Run 10 km in 1 hour Challenge Run a Half Marathon in Less Than 1:55 hours Challenge Run a Half Marathon in less than 2:05hrs Challenge Run a Half Marathon in less than 2:10hrs Challenge Run a half marathon in less than 2:20hrs Challenge Run for one hour in summer Challenge Run a half marathon in less than 1:50hrs Challenge Run a half marathon in less than 1:40hrs Challenge Run 3 times THIS week  Challenge Run a Half Marathon in less than 2:30hrs Challenge Set a personal best on a training run. Challenge Take a Cold Shower Challenge 50 squats 7 times in 2 weeks Challenge
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Contributorgold Addz S add 24k running this morning :-)
new total 365,773.13 km

its been a long while but its nice to see we are not far from reaching the moon!!


Indeed, glad whoever suggested this for x-mas wound the mileage back a tad (original was a million!)

Addz S and Vylisa A encouraged this.

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Addz S completed 3 Challenges

Run for 2 hours without stopping  Challenge 70 Squats in one day Challenge Do a Total of 45 Freestanding Handstand Push ups in one Workout Challenge
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