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Adrian K @adrian

Loves snow, lifts heavy. The more I eat and the heavier I train, the better my "genetics" get.

85kg lifter 2 years into Olympic Weightlifting with a 210kg total and 6 competitions under my belt. 5 years of strength training experience.

PB's - Snatch: 100kg, Clean and Jerk:125kg, Deadlift:230kg, ATG Back Squat:165kg, Front Squat:140kg Bench:130kg

Goals - Snatch:110kg, Clean and Jerk:130kg, Deadlift:250kg, ATG Back Squat:180kg, Front Squat:160kg, Bench:140kg

Video / Photo life and training diary on Instagram -
Youtube Channel:
Training logs:

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Adrian K Snatch 100kg  Challenge

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about 2 years I guess, I started weightlifting 2 years ago so it's a result of all the work I've put in. I've struggled with injuries that held me back from getting stronger, problems with mobility and flexibility too, and even overcoming sloppy beginner technique but it's all starting to come together now!

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Adrian K Olympic Weightlifting

I just watched your YouTube, Wow!! Incredibly impressive, strong Adrian :))

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Adrian K Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Yes they are pretty pointless as an exercise - much better options available and it's a shame so many people waste time on them.  As you mentioned if done excessively they can mess with your posture, and they have...

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Adrian K

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