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Adrian K @adrian

Loves snow, lifts heavy. The more I eat and the heavier I train, the better my "genetics" get.

85kg lifter 1.5 years into Olympic Weightlifting with a 210kg total and 6 competitions under my belt. 5 years of strength training experience.

PB's - Snatch:95kg, Clean and Jerk:122.5kg, Deadlift:230kg, ATG Back Squat:165kg, Front Squat:140kg Bench:130kg

Goals - Snatch:100kg, Clean and Jerk:130kg, Deadlift:250kg, ATG Back Squat:180kg, Front Squat:160kg, Bench:140kg

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Adrian K Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Yes they are pretty pointless as an exercise - much better options available and it's a shame so many people waste time on them.  As you mentioned if done excessively they can mess with your posture, and they have...

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Adrian K North Carolina Fitness Tribe

I was actually thinking about this the other day. All of the programs I have done so far have been % based. However, I have entered very ad hoc into a comp next weekend and I am nowhere near peaking in my training...

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