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Adrian K @adrian

Loves snow, lifts heavy. The more I eat and the heavier I train, the better my "genetics" get.

85kg lifter 1.5 years into Olympic Weightlifting with a 210kg total and 6 competitions under my belt. 5 years of strength training experience.

PB's - Snatch:95kg, Clean and Jerk:122.5kg, Deadlift:230kg, ATG Back Squat:165kg, Front Squat:140kg Bench:130kg

Goals - Snatch:100kg, Clean and Jerk:130kg, Deadlift:250kg, ATG Back Squat:180kg, Front Squat:160kg, Bench:140kg

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Adrian K North Carolina Fitness Tribe

I was actually thinking about this the other day. All of the programs I have done so far have been % based. However, I have entered very ad hoc into a comp next weekend and I am nowhere near peaking in my training...

Adrian K
Sunday session
  • 3 x 50.0 kg Snatch
  • 2 x 55.0 kg Snatch
  • 2 x 65.0 kg Snatch
  • 2 x 70.0 kg Snatch
  • 2 x 75.0 kg Snatch
  • and 14 more

thanks Jen, although I didn't really feel it! I'm just easing back into a training program, the first two weeks are fairly light before it starts to test me for the next 4.

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Adrian K

Contributorgold Adrian K teacher eats only McDonalds for 3 months and loses 37 pounds. The key? Moderation and an intelligent approach to eating. He still had big macs and ice creams, but he also ate the salads and was smart about how he balanced his intake. Goes to show that we all have the ability to lose weight - and fast food places like McDonalds are getting a lot of unfair stick for humans irresponsible attitudes towards their own health. -

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