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Following Alex R (@aggie)

Zachary S (@zacksmith)


I am a Sergeant E-5 in the United States Army. 23 years old, and living with 200 or so other people. I have no children. However I am an uncle. I am by no means the most physically fit person out there, although I do like to challenge myself. I like Tribesp...

Te Aroha C (@tearohac)


Been an active member of TS since May 2013, weighing in at 82kg. Managed to get that down to 75.5kg, but weakened to the month of December and climbed back up to 78kg. Have decided to let the remainder of December have its evil way, then back on track to...

Mark G (@markgell)


I love to surf, snowboard and recreational bike riding. I am currently sitting at 92.5 Kilos and want to get under 80 Kilos to somewhere to mid 70s if i can. First week and 1.5 kilos down - at 91. The next two weeks I went from 91 to 94.5 (neck injury...

Kevin G (@kevingibson)


Retired 30 months ago and took up running for health and fitness and to get out into the great outdoors after 35 years of banking. Got the bug, have run 1 marathon, 37 half marathons and qualified as a Run England Running Fitness and AthleFIT Leader and rec...

Tama S (@tamahau)


I try and get to the gym as often as possible, I need to work on getting in shape and work on getting my fitness up. just started playing rugby again this year after a ten year hiatus, it was good to get back in the mix and looking to get fitter so I can e...

Sarah C (@sarahcampbell)


This past year I've been in a couple Try-Tri races, couple off road Tri adventure races, One 25km, I still have one Orienteering adventure race coming up. Next year my focus will be swimming, biking both trails and road and of course running. I love the ...

Simone B (@kruzmeister)


I am an age-group triathlete currently in training for my first 70.3 and Ironman events. I love mountain biking and weight training. I am also a 3rd Dan black belt in the korean martial art of Taekwondo. I love being outdoors and when I am not training, you...

Jose S (@zephaniah)


Got into training to lose the flab, with 2 years of HARD work and dedication I have lost 20% body fat so far. This year I plan to push myself into Calisthenics and get down to 8%BF...any help, advice and motivation is welcome as I'll take any support I can...

Megan R (@meganr)


Have always been addicted to cardio but just recently getting more into weight training. Love Skiing and Dancing - a lethal combination

Priya S (@priyas)


My passion is skiing, I'm a qualified CSIA Level 2 instructor. I love kitesurfing in the summer, and have recently taken up paragliding and speedflying. Basically love anything that gets the adrenaline going! I enjoy playing basketball and tennis too. I...

Terri B (@terril)


I enjoy CHALLENGES of any sort, triathlons, mountain biking, yoga, hiking...just about anything outdoors. At the young age of 55, I'm in excellent shape and loving life! Goals for 2015: Greatest goal for 2015: Live, love a sugar free (my drug of c...

Peggy A (@peggya)


So I did put a few lbs back on. I'm not going to beat myself up about it though. I know it's because it's winter and the weather has been horrible this year. Extreme cold and a lot of freezing rain. I'm trying to find a used bike trainer so that would h...

Liz A (@el1z4b)


Just working on staying motivated as I get back in routine after a 1 year break and 1 year trying to get back into it all. Looking to get that defined strong lean muscle again, and better then before! Since joining tribesports, becoming challenge obsessed h...

Terry K (@minder)


I'm in my mid forties and have lead a sedentary existence for much of the past 7 years. No exercise and a commitment to good food and plenty of booze has left me soft in the middle and somewhat stunned as to how I ended up like this. In February I decide...

Cherif D (@cherifdean)


I am an ocean lover.In my passion for sport I found sailing and flying to be soothing.They are my favorite sports beside Bikram Yoga,dirt biking,sky diving, and scuba diving.However,I am not into bungee jumping. I won’t push the envelope.My dream is to get...

Alex R