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Following Alex R (@aggie)

Kevin G (@kevingibson)


Retired 22 months ago and took up running for health and fitness and to get out into the great outdoors after 35 years of banking. Got the bug, have run 1 marathon, 25 half marathons and qualified as a Run England Leader in Running Fitness and AthleFIT. Lov...

Tama S (@tamahau)


I try and get to the gym as often as possible, I need to work on getting in shape and work on getting my fitness up. just started playing rugby again this year after a ten year hiatus, it was good to get back in the mix and looking to get fitter so I can e...

Sarah C (@sarahcampbell)


This has been a fantastic year for me. My next races are all trail runs. October being a half ultra marathon that is 25km. I'm also hoping to sign up for an adventure race this fall too. This past spring I completed a half marathon and a full esar race....

Simone B (@kruzmeister)


I am an age-group triathlete currently in training for my first 70.3 and Ironman events. I love mountain biking and weight training. I am also a 3rd Dan black belt in the korean martial art of Taekwondo. I love being outdoors and when I am not training, you...

Jose S (@zephaniah)


Last year I got into the fit & healthy lifestyle to mainly lose the flab. With HARD work and dedication I was able to lose 20% body fat within a year. This year I plan to push myself to the next level and reach "Beast Mode"...any help, advice and motivation...

Kirsten M (@towardfarm)


What a year, what a summer, what fantastic running conditions, this farmer's wife is fitter than she has ever been and feels great - ran my first half marathon in under 2 hours, my horse has the all clear for the time being from the vet - so bring those cha...

Megan R (@meganr)


Have always been addicted to cardio but just recently getting more into weight training. Love Skiing and Dancing - a lethal combination

Priya S (@priyas)


My passion is skiing, I'm a qualified CSIA Level 2 instructor. I love kitesurfing in the summer, and have recently taken up paragliding and speedflying. Basically love anything that gets the adrenaline going! I enjoy playing basketball and tennis too. I...

Terri B (@terril)


I enjoy CHALLENGES, triathlons, mountain biking, yoga, hiking...just about anything outdoors. At the young age of 54, I'm in excellent shape and loving life! Goals for the first half of 2014: Continue to improve upon myself with all the awesome TS chall...

Peggy A (@peggya)


So I did put a few lbs back on. I'm not going to beat myself up about it though. I know it's because it's winter and the weather has been horrible this year. Extreme cold and a lot of freezing rain. I'm trying to find a used bike trainer so that would h...

Brian J (@brianj)


Hello! This year, I am participating in The Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014, a 2-day, 200 km cycling event that raises funds for cancer research and treatment. Money raised from this event will help support the vital work of the researchers and cli...

Liz A (@el1z4b)


Just working on staying motivated as I get back in routine after a 1 year break and 1 year trying to get back into it all. Looking to get that defined strong lean muscle again, and better then before! Since joining tribesports, becoming challenge obsessed h...

Terry K (@minder)


I'm in my mid forties and have lead a sedentary existence for much of the past 7 years. No exercise and a commitment to good food and plenty of booze has left me soft in the middle and somewhat stunned as to how I ended up like this. In February I decide...

Cherif D (@cherifdean)


I am an ocean lover.In my passion for sport I found sailing and flying to be soothing.They are my favorite sports beside Bikram Yoga,dirt biking,sky diving, and scuba diving.However,I am not into bungee jumping. I won’t push the envelope.My dream is to get...

Melissa M (@misspistol)


My current interests are health and nutrition, clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle. My interest include working out at home, yoga, swimming and hitting the ice rink once in a blue moon.

Dave W (@dash1977)


I was born Asthmatic have had a constant battle with chest problems, but I am still trying to fight it off; I started TS to help motivate me to push through my recent (ish) fitness issues, which has really helped !! ;-) I peaked at becoming a 236l...

Alan L (@alanl3)


I was morbidly obese and was moving towards a fitting for a very large wooden box. I decided to change my life and started a lifestyle program of eating healthy and gentle exercise. I have become a total "workoutholic" and consider myself an ex couch potato...

Alex R