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Strength Training For Triathletes

Tribe • 200 members

Many people assume that training for triathlons consists of the three disciples its made up of, however strength training plays a vital part in it. Join the tribe to find out more and to share more with everyone else.

Get good guns

Tribe • 1641 members

Good arm muscles are the easiest way to identify someone who does weight training. This tribe is for people to swap tips on arm exercises to increase arm muscle bulk and tone. Share your bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises, and help your fellow tribe mem...

Cooking and Recipe Swaps

Tribe • 6778 members

Like cooking? Like to eat and know someone you can bribe to cook? Share ideas for lovely sport enabling foods here!


Tribe • 24 members

Gym TribeSports Laundry #situationfreezone #simples GTSL "Must be done everyday to achieve maximum potential." Gym TribeSports Laundry is most important in life. It will provide you with solid structure and grounding in sharpening up in the gym to t...

Squash Newbies

Tribe • 123 members

This Tribe is for those people that swing their whole arm when taking a shot. It's for those people that think the T is something you indulge in after the game. For those people that hit the wall more often than they hit the ball. It's for those that jus...

Sport Motivations

Tribe • 5861 members

Everyone has there lazy days. Those days you can't be bothered to get of your ass and do something, for all the excuses you make, and for all the faffing you do to prevent it! This tribe is for people to post Inspiring sayings and stories to get the readers...

The 3 Mile Time Trial

Tribe • 647 members

You choose a 3 mile course where you live. You map it online and then test it with your GPS to verify the distance. Every month and once a month, let's say the first Monday of the month you go out and run as hard as you can, as it's a TT! Post your train...

World's best surfing

Tribe • 292 members

A place to show off, share tips, equipment, videos and catch the big breaks.... Surfing is more than just a sport it's a lifestyle, it's an art and it's a spiritual journey.

Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges

Tribe • 2579 members

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." (Tommy Lasorda) Ive come across so so many brilliant, inspiring sports Challenges that people are taking on recently. Whether you have seen a Challenge happening, heard...

Disaster ... I'm injured!

Tribe • 626 members

If you've recently been injured, have a strain that you're worried might get worse, or have just recovered from an injury then share your tips on how to overcome it and even what you think might be wrong

Single Speeders Anonymous

Tribe • 26 members

One Gear to rule them all, One Gear to find them, One Gear to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Rugby Forwards

Tribe • 176 members

Speed, agility, and great skills on the ball - The modern day forward! Gone are the days of being the slowest around the rugby field (with some exceptions of course!) The Rugby Forwards Tribe is for those to share strength and conditioning techniques, nu...

Half marathon

Tribe • 4968 members

Whether you are a novice just finding your running feet or an experienced half marathon runner come share tips, training advice and the occasional joke :-)

Exercising while injured

Tribe • 1237 members

An injury can really set you back when you're trying to stay in shape. It's really important to rest the part of your body that is injured so that it heals quickly. Depending on where the injury is, there may be other parts of your body that you can exerc...

Free Running

Tribe • 393 members

Free running or freerunning is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and rural landscape to perform movements through its structures. It incorporates efficient movements from parkour, adds aesthetic vaults an...

Yoga postures (known as asanas)

Tribe • 5219 members

The heart of yoga is 'yoga postures'. Each of yoga postures has its own physical and mental benefits. This tribe is for yoga lovers to share all yoga postures, photos, instructions and benefits.

Caving & Potholing: the tighter, the wetter, the better!

Tribe • 24 members

If you prefer the safety and security of a dark cold wet hole to the harsh scary outside sunlit world then this is the tribe for you! Whether you're a full on underground hermit or a claustrophobic novice get involved and share tips, reviews and tales of y...

Outdoor Climbers UK

Tribe • 65 members

Here is a tribe to share tips and all about the coolest places for outdoor climbing (sport climbing, traditional, via ferrata, tree climbing, etc.)


Tribe • 55 members

Love getting lost?! I mean, navigating your way successfully through every bramble patch in a delineated area?! Then this tribe is for YOU! (and me). p.s. the image is from Allie Brosh's blog

Geocaching - Treasure Hunting for the Modern Age

Tribe • 175 members

Loved the Goonies or Treasure Island as a kid and thought that dreams of treasure hunting were left behind in your childhood. Open your eyes to the world of geocaching, there's thousands of boxes of treasure literally everywhere. Geocaching is real-worl...

Alex R