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Alex D @alex45674

Began running in 2006 3-4 times a week. I have completed loads of races (about 15 a year) from 5k to Marathon (3 London, 2 Beachy Head), but was not getting any faster or thinner! Started running every day to train for the 5x50 Challenge ( in Sept-Oct 2012 and loved it! Completed the challenge and lost 9lb in the process. Have run the challenge every time since!

I now try and run most days, and want to have a huge 2015 now I am more or less recovered from my February 2014 car accident.

Loving the challenges here too, and enjoying buying smaller clothes and throwing out the big things :)

Next challenge is the 5x50 challenge - please follow@NiftyandAlex on Twitter, the challenge on @5x50challenge and see the website for details.

5K 27:16 (2013)
Half 2:21:59
Marathon 5:32:33

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Run 1km in 6.5 minutes Challenge 80 squats in one set Challenge A Litre Before Lunch  Challenge Green Tea for a Week Challenge 70 Squats in one day Challenge
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Alex D Tribesports Holiday Fitness Teams Challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Add 100 for Birthdays
Valentine's Day: 55,333/100,000
St. Patrick's Day: 15,669/100,000
Easter: 3,654,100,000
Independence Day/National Day: 50,565/100,000
Halloween: 100,000/100,000 (1st place)
Christmas: 97,286/100,000
Birthdays: 9,925/100,000

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Alex D Start a RUN or WALK STREAK (minimum 1 mile per day ) Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Starting on the1st day of 5x50 challenge tomorrow 5x50 Challenge - run, walk, jog, cycle or whatever 5k/day for 50 days 29/3/15


I hope you'll keep it up more than 50 days :))

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