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Alex D @alex45674

Began running in 2006 3-4 times a week. I have completed loads of races (about 15 a year) from 5k to Marathon (3 London, 2 Beachy Head), but was not getting any faster or thinner! Started running every day to train for the 5x50 Challenge ( in Sept-Oct 2012 and loved it! Completed the challenge and lost 9lb in the process. New 5x50 Challenge starts next March 2014 - join us! I am now hooked on running every day and love it! Loving the challenges here too, and enjoying buying smaller clothes and throwing out the big things :)

5K 27:16 (2013)
Half 2:21:59
Marathon 5:32:33

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Alex D 30 minutes Activity Every Day for a Year Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Was poorly yesterday and dropped this one, sorry @andrewm - I am back on track today! Ran a mile and walked the mile back first thing, walked for 45mins at lunch, lots of squats, pushups during the day and a walk tonight coming up. 1/365 on 28/7/14.

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Alex D

Contributorgold Alex D Right August is going to be a big month for me, I am 40 on 1 September so big push for motivation and workout, and cleaner eating (note cleaner not clean, I am only human!!!!) for a MONTH!

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30 PU's before bedtime. Challenge 2 Low carb days a week. One month Challenge No liquid-based calories for a month Challenge Run a Marathon every month Challenge Have A Big Healthy Salad For Dinner Twice A Week For 1 Month Challenge 10 minutes walk after dinner 2 times a week for 1 month Challenge No Junk For A Month Challenge
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