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Alex D @alex45674

Began running in 2006 3-4 times a week. I have completed loads of races (about 15 a year) from 5k to Marathon (3 London, 2 Beachy Head), but was not getting any faster or thinner! Started running every day to train for the 5x50 Challenge ( in Sept-Oct 2012 and loved it! Completed the challenge and lost 9lb in the process. New 5x50 Challenge starts next March 2015 - join us! I am now hooked on running and love it! Loving the challenges here too, and enjoying buying smaller clothes and throwing out the big things :)

Next challenge is the Folkestone Half Marathon, running in aid of Breast Cancer - to donate please text DEDP95 £amount to 70070 or go to

I am hoping to beat my 2009 PB of 2:21:59 set at that course - bring it on!

5K 27:16 (2013)
Half 2:21:59
Marathon 5:32:33

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Alex D 400 Body weight squats a day for a MONTH Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D I forgot this again last night :( Day 2 blown.
Start again.


Heehee I have my stupid moments, for sure! Owen will confirm :) Working on the Day 1 again, still at least I will do millions of squats over the next 10 years it takes me to remember to complete this one. Buns and thighs!

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Alex D
Worked in our Stores for a while, weight is an estimate of what I moved, it was lots of boxes not one big one though heehee!
  • 2.75 km of Walking
  • 1 x 500.0 kg Other Weightlifting (Rocks, Logs)

I work in a wine shop and yesterday was a lot of lifting, carrying, stooping and squatting for me, too. I think I'll follow your lead and start counting those as training sessions. Thanks for the idea and have a great day!

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Good plan! Yes usually I am behind my desk, and as a Director of the company I don't carry that much about! Covering for our Purchasing Manager who is on holiday, and our Storeman is also off, so the guys had got a bit swamped. Decided to log it! I love a few hours in Stores, really hard work!

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Alex D Boys Vs. Girls Mountain Climbers-First To 200,000 Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Add 50 for the girls
G 125,050
B just behind on 54 580

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Alex D Exercise Rep Madness - BOYS VS. GIRLS - 20,000 Reps Each Challenge

Contributorgold Alex D Adding yesterday and today's jumping jacks 200
Bench dips 11,050/20,000
Jumping jacks 15,017/20,000
Crunches 27,784/20,000----COMPLETE
Burpees 5,641/20,000
Sit-ups 9,558/20,000
Push-ups 18,585/20,000
Russian Twist 9,945/20,000
Mountain Climbers 8,047/20,000
Calf Raises 26,137/20,000---COMPLETE
Squats 22,340/20,000---COMPLETE
Bench dips 5,841/20,000
Jumping Jacks 22,610 /20,000----COMPLETE
Crunches 20,130/20,000----COMPLETE
Burpees 2,960 /20,000
Sit-ups 3,090/20,000
Push-ups 16,275/ 20,000
Russian twist 2,190/20,000
Mountain Climbers 5,651/20,000
Calf Raises 22,384/20,000 ----COMPLETE
Squats 8,991/ 20,000

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Alex D Exercising at obscure hours Tribe

I work out most mornings and that usually means being outside, whatever the weather!  I certainly feel soooo much better all day when I work out in the morning, as opposed to leaving it until the evening.  I am also happy, and more productive!  Wh...

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