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Ashlee H @ashleehebel

Hello you! My name is Ashlee. I am from the Bay Area in sunny California! I currently attend school in Missouri. How did I end up here? Well softball of course! I am done playing, but the mentality never goes away. Besides my love for softball I also adore cooking, crafts, watching Lord of the Rings, and above all else...STAR WARS!!! My goal here is to be able to wear the metal Princess Leia bikini. Lame I know, buuuuuut it is something I have always wanted.

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Ashlee H

Ashlee H Have lost 8 pounds in the past 2 weeks. Feels good to lose the weight but it will feel better then I can fit into all my clothes!!!

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Abs and Legs Mini Circuit Challenge touch your forehead to your knees Challenge Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks Challenge 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge Get fitter than you have ever been this year Challenge Core Workout everyday for 7 days Challenge
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Ashlee H Our Balls are not Soft Tribe

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Sorry boys, but fast pitch is for girls. Tough, athletic, fit, and dedicated girls. This page is for all the ladies that have played, are playing, or plan to play collegiate softball. No matter the division or association. Let's get together to be...

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