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Brandon G @begallant

After a hiatus longer than anticipated and completely without reason, I'm back and more determined than ever! BRING IT!

2014 Events:
Tough Mudder Toronto - Saturday, August 16th - Had a great time! Awesome experience!

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COMPLETE this when you finish the mentioned challenges NOW Challenge Pushups Now! Challenge Do 5 calf raises Challenge Do 10 calf raises Challenge Do 15 calf raises Challenge Do 20 calf raises Challenge Do 25 calf raises Challenge Do 30 calf raises Challenge Do 35 calf raises Challenge Do 40 calf raises Challenge Do 45 calf raises Challenge 50 Calf Raises For A Week Challenge 90 calf raises - NOW! Challenge 95 calf raises NOW! Challenge 1 Min Elevated Feet or Elevated Arm Plank Challenge Do 20 "Beginners Clap Push-ups" in One Go Challenge Round out your Tribesports Dashboard Challenge
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Brandon G Ferdinand Magellan. (Man powered Global Circumnavigation) Challenge

Contributorgold Brandon G Adding 3.78km cycling

Continuing on 20 towards Athens, WV. I am currently just before Caperton Ln. Onwards!

Totals: 650.42km Land, 47km Water, 8939m Elevation Gain
Reserve Totals: 32.34km Water

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Brandon G
Pull ups were assisted - 70lbs for the first 5, 80lbs for the rest. Seated cable rows were half regular and half parallel grip.
  • 3.78 km of Cycling in 0:12:00
  • 26 Pull-Ups
  • 30 Push-Ups
  • 12 x 20.41 kg Barbell Bench Press
  • 8 x 43.09 kg Barbell Bench Press
  • and 4 more

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