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Bella M @bellam1

Was a synchronised swimmer for 5 years as a child/teenager, quit and spent the next few years partying and sleeping. Decided to get fit again so got to the gym on groupon then joined. I train about 5/6 days a week, now I do body pump, body combat, TRX (my fave), cycle to and from work every day, in the gym I try to do interval training. I prefer the treadmill for that, and the cross trainer for going steady (ie being a bit lazy). Oh and I still swim, still managing 5km/hr.

I eat clean, cut out sugar, refined carbs and alcohol (partly due to medication, boo)....but I've had to cut down my cardio as I lost too much weight! My aim now is to bulk back up healthily.

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Lady Lifter level 1 Challenge Cycle 100 miles in April 2013 Challenge Hold a 1 minute wall squat every day for 7 days Challenge
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Bella M

Stattosilver Bella M logged some Fitness & Training training on 20 April 2013
Free weights day. Deadlift 25kg, Bench press 20kg, Upright row 20kg, Clean and press 20kg, Assisted pull ups (75% bodyweight), hammer curls 7kg, dumbbell skull crusher 6kg, Lat raises 4kg, kneeling flyes 3kg. Then some ab work. Then went to work and tried to avoid EDL and anti fascist riots.

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