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Ben R @benrabe

The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half. Building my first half right now.... Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.

Forever Staying Strong

If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you have been getting

Dreaming is the future, change is the present, live it now, be it now!!

The man, who allows another man to determine whether he can or cannot do something, is a man who allows someone else to decide what his destiny and achievements will be like.

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Gem W Ben R

Contributorgold Gem W Hey buddy!! Long time no hear!! Hope everything is well with you!! Keep up the great work!!!

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Gem W Ben R

Contributorgold Gem W Hey Ben!!! Long time no hear!! Hope all is going well! My life is finally starting to calm down a bit, so hopefully I can start getting back into working out!!!

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Awesome Gem!! So happy to hear and on my side things are still rough but I am learning to live with it lol :)

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Jd W Ben R

Contributorgold Jd W Hi Ben, I just read your article about triathlon training as I am very keen to enter the world of Triathlon! Just now I only do a short commute to work on my bike but it is getting very old and as it is a mountain bike, I would like to make the switch to a road or triathlon bike - I was wondering if you had any tips on what to look for with a road/tri bike? It seems to be a very expensive sport to get involved in - any comments on that? I don't know if it is worth spending a bit more and getting a good bike, wetsuit etc at this early stage where realistically, sprint triathlons will be the first few races I take part in. I do, ultimately, want to tackle ironman distance (although I am way off that just now!) so is it worth investing early or would you advise "just get what you need - don't worry about quality"? Also keen to find out how road/tri bikes handle in the winter and whether I would be better holding off for a couple of months before getting stuck in? I run outdoors in the winter so am not opposed to training in the conditions - even in icy Scotland - but obviously want to avoid injury and risky workouts etc! You seem to be very clued up so just wanted to take the time to ask a few questions and see what I can learn! Thanks in advance!


Hi JD, wow I love reading your post. Firstly good luck and happy training, triathlon changed my life for the better:) So, while equipment does make a difference training is a far greater component in performance and staying safe and in injured. So what I will say is that buying equipment is a very personal thing especially as you by now know that it's quite costly. Look my very first and few races afterwards was on a bike that wasn't even a road bike, and I loved it and I did very well but if I had the money and the opportunities to get the nice equipment I would so get it. Till today I still don't own a real tri bike but my road bike is well equipped for tri's. The wet suite is a big thing and I would say, quality is very important but, comfort can change everything, when buying a wet suite it is definitely worth to go all the way but don't look for the most expensive ones look for the ones that's I high quality and try it one, if it's comfortable buy it, don't even look at the price tag. The same goes for the shoes. I think it is safe


I think it is safe to say that quality and comfort only really matters on the equipment that protects your body e.g. Shoes, wet suites and cycling helmets, a bike can help but it cannot win a race for you. I would say buy a good bike, with one of the top two gear sets on it but don't worry about some fancy carbon frame yet. I am on my phone now but as soon as I get a chance I'll log on to my laptop and send you everything on equipment I have. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thanks very much, Ben! That's all really useful information. I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. As you say, it is an expensive sport to get in to but I am hoping that won't hold me back. I have found a site with bikes that I like and I would like to get back in to swimming just in the pool before doing any open water swimming so while things are expensive, I do not intend to get everything at once! I get paid at the end of this week so will start going to the local pool next week and order a bike too so that I can get used to going out on that. Looking forward to the challenge of stepping everything up and completing my first triathlon!

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Ben R Sonu K

Contributorgold Ben R you know ... I remember just starting on tribesports seeing shrek =) good old days ;P Have a wonderful day Sonu!

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hey buddy.. i still remember those good old days! My running routine has suffered in last few months and I just don't have anything to log into..... :( will bounce back soon....thanks for reminding me those days! I wish to get that old time soon!..have a nice time

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