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Beth H @bethr19

I am a super busy mom of 4 children 7 & under!! I have been a runner since the age of 8 & am super excited & proud to be passing the love of running onto my children!!

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sexy leg workout challenge Challenge ~Amanda's Birthday Challenge~ Some BURPEE FUN Challenge
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Beth H

Contributorgold Beth H Oh my goodness!! Just finished The Insanity Fit Test, if I never do Insanity & just do that with my running everyday can I say burn baby.
Beast Mode is on!!

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Beth H
Ran 35 minutes on the treadmill this morning. I was just reflecting on how I never liked running on the treadmill & for almost a year after I got it, it sat in the corner while I did my running outside, then with this last pregnancy & having difficulties I could no longer run, so I started walking on the treadmill & after baby to ease myself back into running I again took to the treadmill & now I love it. I enjoy the diversity of running outside & running on the treadmill. I like that I can run at a continuous pace for long periods of time with out slowing where as if I am outside my pace is all over the place b/c it is so much easier to slow down or even stop to walking!! #lovethesweat

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Anne M Beth H

Contributorgold Anne M Hi Beth, next time there is a bridge run, please let me know. I ran a few time for the I the international Freedom Festival committee a few years back, but there wasn't a bridge run. I would love to run the Ambassador Bridge. Thanks !

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