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Big Swede ! @bigswede

My passion in life is lifting and shaping my body. I`m mad for anything that got to do with weights and training in the gym. I only train as a natural lifter and bodybuilder, i barely use any supplements. If anyone has any questions about training and lifting just ask and i will do my best to help yous. Train hard and train smart

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Big Swede ! Squatters Tribe

Communicatorbronze Big Swede ! replied to the topic squats on a damaged knee

hmm i would know alot of people that would not agree with that all,i'm one of them,there is many ways to do squats but the most basic is the 90% one,i always vary my squats,everything from 90%,bench squats,deep squats and cheat squats "60% squats...

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Big Swede ! Eurovision multi-event challenge Challenge

Contributorgold Big Swede ! 1875 for sweden mixed exercises
UK 117,598
Italy : 59,418
Germany : 26,090
Sweden : 23,847
Ireland : 2060
Portugal : 370
'Others' : 502

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Kristin B Big Swede !

Contributorgold Kristin B Congrats on killing all of those challenges!!!


Thanks,you can do it to,no pain just sheer willpower and you will crush your challenges,good luck

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Awe thanks for the sweet encouragement!!!!

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50 decline pushups. Challenge PUSH UP PYRAMID SERIES CHALLENGE 7 Challenge PUSH UP PYRAMID SERIES CHALLENGE 8 Challenge PUSH UP PYRAMID SERIES CHALLENGE 9 Challenge Swim in the sea 3 times over 3 consecutive days. Challenge 30 squats with a bar weight of 10 lbs or more for 30 days Challenge Do 1 clap push-up Challenge Do 5 clap push-ups Challenge Do 10 clap push-ups Challenge 30 Bulgarian squats per leg for 7 days Challenge
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Test your limits! Challenge Test your limits! Challenge Test your limits! Challenge Bicep Curls for a Month Challenge Superset: Sumodeadlift high pull+shoulderpress+frontsquat and pull ups Challenge
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