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Carlton S @blueyedevil

I'm a US Army disabled Vet who has beaten Thyroid cancer once and Brain cancer twice. Enjoy anything physical and love martial art I love to exercise and train my mind and body. In Sweden w/ my love Angelica B!

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Carlton S Claire Boo L

Contributorbronze Carlton S WOW! I am truly touched by this. Cancer has taken so many of my family in recent years. I myself am a 3 time survivor. Thyroid once then brain cancer twice. Been in Sweden for the summer with my very dear friend and must return to the states in 8 days. Have to start chemo again 2 weeks after I return. I am still not recovered from my last round of treatment. I know what to do and expect and that helps a lot. Stay positive and keep in touch. I'll be praying for you. -LEE-


Thank so much for your follow, I hope your trip away has helped give you a lil R and R time ready for your next bout of treatment.Cancer sadly has taken many from me over the years, pretty much the entire side of my Dad's side of the family bar one who lived to 93. I know my efforts won't cure Cancer, but hoping that it may help ease a few people's lives a little.

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Carlton S Ignacio H

Contributorbronze Carlton S Hey there soldier! Congrats on your achievements. I spent 10 years in the Army myself and loved it. Would still be in were it not for injuries and 3 bouts with cancer. Thanks for your service, you are appreciated greatly and will be in my prayers. Keep up the fight! Be, Know and Do. Be all you can be. Know all you can know. Do all you can do. -SGT Lee Smith, US Army (RET)

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Thank you SGT, and thank you also for your service as well. I'm glad to hear that you got the best of cancer, nothing can hold you down!

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