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Brandon D @brandond

Huge surfer. I enjoy most forms of working out. Big into crossfit. Training for triathlons, a tough mudder, and some other races. Sort of just feel the need to push myself at something every day!

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Do 50 star jumps (jumping jacks) without stopping Challenge Complete 50 squats without stopping Challenge 20 chin-ups in one go Challenge One minute plank Challenge Catch your first fish Challenge Bench Press Your Body Weight Challenge Prove you've got serious upper body strength: bench press 100KG Challenge Bench press your own body weight Challenge Half Hour Paddle Boarding (SUP) Challenge 3 hour surf session Challenge Ride Your First Wave Challenge Ride your first tube  Challenge
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50 Crunches in a row Challenge 50 push-ups a day for one week Challenge Bench Press the Routemaster RM Bus (7530kg) Challenge Bench Press the Gulfstream I Challenge 50 Burpees a day, everyday for 1 week. Challenge 30 push-ups in one go Challenge Go running every other day for 2 weeks Challenge 25 squats a day for 7 days Challenge 50 crunches per day for 7 days Challenge 100 crunches a day for 2 weeks Challenge
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