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Brenda D @brendad

2014 is THE YEAR!!!!!!
I've ran hundreds of races, I cycled and swam a few but I never have done all three together.
This is the year.........It has to be!!!!!!
YES!!!! I did it yesterday.....Dublin Sprint triathlon. Had so much fun.
Next aim for 2015 is to do the Olympic triathlon.

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Brenda D Triathlon Beginners Tribe

I did the Dingle standarde duathlon last weekend. I was exhausted at the end. Thinking back I'm wondering that running 5km in the beginning takes much more out of you in a duathlon than swimming 1.500meters in a triathlon. I may not have been that...

Brenda D Complete 10 organised sporting events in 2014 Challenge

Contributorgold Brenda D

1 - Meath Spring Half Marathon in March
2 - Swim for a Mile in the NAC on the 4th of April
3 - 3D Aquathlon ( today) 12th April
4 - Dunsany Easter Cycle (68.17km)
5 - 3D Aquathlon 18th May
6 - Edinburgh Half Marathon. 25th May
7- Dunshaughlin 10km. 21st June
8 - Howth Aquathlon 21st July
9 - An Post Heritage Royal Cycle 100km 27th July
10 - Vodafone Dublin Sprint Triathlon 24th Aug
11 - Tri An Mhi Sprint Triathlon 6th Sept
12 - Dingle Standard Duathlon 20th Sept

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Travel 105km in a week (walk, run, cycle, row etc) Challenge Earn the Medal Set Challenge 4 alcohol free days per week for 3 weeks Challenge RUN, WALK OR HIKE FOR THOSE THAT CAN'T - YOU LOG I DONATE Challenge
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~Amanda's Birthday Challenge~ Some BURPEE FUN Challenge Can you swim 1.2 miles quicker than a 67 year old? Challenge Cycle a Sportive in a different Country Challenge
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Brenda D
The Dingle standard duathlon. A tough race. Total time = 3 : 14 : 04
  • 5.0 km of Running in 0:24:16
  • 40.0 km of Cycling in 1:44:34
  • 10.0 km of Running in 1:03:49

I thought the 10km race would never finish Ris. Had no energy left!!!

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Brenda D Brenda D

Contributorgold Brenda D oh.....I'm so tired!!!! Never went through such tough race. The Dingle standard duathlon. Fast 5 km run first, hilly 42 km cycle. ( Thought I had to get off bike on one of the hills) and had absolutely no energy left for the last 10 km run. Had to stop a few times. Putting legs up for the rest of the day!

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The positive thing is that you finished it!!! You didn't quit!!! Be very proud of yourself!! I sure am!!! :)))

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sounds like time for a cup of tea and a little rest :)

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Brenda D

Yea. Changed back tube and tyre and checking out before Saturdays Dingle duathlon. ( 10 km run, 40 km cycle and then 5 km run) .

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Good luck for the duathlon, I think you are going to be lucky with the weather :)

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