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Brenda S @brendas

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Brenda S completed 3 Challenges

Beginners Walking Challenge Challenge Read to a child. Challenge Hug Your Kid(s) Every Day for 7 Days Challenge
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Brenda S took 26 Challenges

Beginners Walking Challenge Challenge Walk 4 miles in 1 hour Challenge Walking the dog Challenge Slackline Yoga Beginners #1 - Chair Pose Challenge Hold the boat position for 1:30 every day for 14 days Challenge Half Frog Pose Challenge Head To Knee Forward Bend Challenge Standing Forward Bend Challenge 2 x 15 second Side Plank (1 each side) Challenge Sun salutation Challenge Plank 1 minute a day for 7 days Challenge Hero Pose Challenge Big Toe Pose Challenge Sunday Morning Yoga Challenge Hold Vrikshana pose for 5 minutes Challenge Bitilasana Cow Pose Challenge Hold the Lord Of The Dance Pose-30 seconds  Challenge dolphin push-ups - 3 sets of 10  Challenge Revolved Head To Knee Pose Challenge 2 x 60 second side-plank (1 each side) Challenge Cow Face Pose Challenge 2 x 45 second side-plank (1 each side_ Challenge Daily Stretching for 14 days Challenge Hold Plough Pose For Five Minutes Challenge Bend-over Stretch Challenge Hold the squat with a namaste prayer  for one minute Challenge
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