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Cai M @caimahon

National Mountain Bike 4X (four cross) Racer, currently racing for TheBikeYard/Nukeproof team. I love all disciplines of mountain biking and ride alot of them to train for my 4X seasons.

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Cai M

Cai M Been on here a week; love how i went from rank 1600+ to 68 :P


It's getting somewhere in the top 50 that's hard to crack ;-)


Aha, i definitely noticed it getting harder! :P Hopefully get there though

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Cai M

Cai M Had a nasty Crash while riding a track yesterday... Was Concussed for 20minutes :/ even though wearing a carbon full face helmet! Glad i was wearing body armor, otherwise i would have been a broken man.


Pleased you're ok - having watched some of your vids, I am not surprised! Hardcore!


Good to hear that the helmet and body armor protected you.


Thanks @steve R ! ive been riding faster since then aswell.... havent made a vid in a while.
Thanks @andrew M

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