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Candida B @candidab

I run most days of the week and also sweat out weights sessions down the gym - which I love. Been a runner for... well - years. Moved more nowadays to the off road stuff and less of bitumen road races...( its kinder to my body lol ) and I love mountain, extreme trail Ultra Marathon running - DaftDee that I am ( thanks for the race name suggestion...William B ) Love rowing for non running X train days . Do a bit of cycling, swimming, yoga, bush walking, cross-country skiing, scuba diving, horse riding. My motto "Look after your body...its the only place you have to live". I love this site and look forward to seeing all of you around here!

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Candida B Boys vs Girls Cardio: First to 50,000 km Challenge

Contributorgold Candida B Very tentative slow 5.93 km run to test out repaired quad muscle - seems ok - phew.

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30 squats for 14 days Challenge 70 sit ups in 2 minutes Challenge
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