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Candida B @candidab

I run most days of the week and also sweat out weights sessions,which I love .A Marathon runner - who has moved on to became an Ultra Marathon Daftie ~ and proud! Do a bit of cycling, swimming, yoga,rowing, bush walking, cross-country skiing, scuba diving, horse riding. My motto "Look after your body...its the only place you have to live". I look forward to seeing you around here!

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Candida B Travel to a TribeSport Friend Challenge

Contributorgold Candida B Continuing on on up to UK- a long long way - only 16,933.51km to visit
+ 21.48km run today on hilly trails
New total = 3,676.06km

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Candida B Run to the moon! :D Challenge

Contributorgold Candida B NB This is no longer an individual total and anyone who is taking this challenge can add ALL their kms run from 2013 and this year to date ) So Join us!!

+ 21.48km run today
New total = 71, 663.82km

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