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Carol Ann B @carolann

2014 already! I wish all you Tribers health, happiness and enough X

Plans for 2014 - step my yoga up (looking into foundation courses) and definately go on a retreat, swimathon 5km in March, build up trail running for Trail marathon in October, simplify my lifestyle (a lot!) and generally just keep on enjoying the fitness journey, wherever it may take me :)

What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now.

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Muddy Running Challenge Swim Challenge 7 Challenge Morning Chores 1st then relax. Challenge
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Carol Ann B Muddy Running Challenge

Contributorgold Carol Ann B Nothing BUT mud on my Sun am run.. Was running for the 'Meg's Miles' event & just thinking about how lucky I was to be alive & enjoying running.. Whatever the conditions, be grateful X

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Carol Ann B 21 days Complaint Free Challenge

Contributorgold Carol Ann B 15/21.. Furthest I've got to finish line I think?! Nearly blew it last week (when Daughter off school & missed work) - hanging by a thread!!

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