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Ciara B @cbrady

Ran my first marathon this year! Beginning to train for my next one now. Hoping for a sub 4 hour in Dublin Marathon 2012! Really appreciate all the support and encouragement from my fellow Tribesports users!

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Barbara  M Ciara B

Contributorgold Barbara M Hi Ciara, thanks for following me :) wow your scroll of achievements are just mind blowing! You must be super fit :) Are you O.Eeing in Dublin at the moment? Just noticed your from beautiful Australia - I just love Brisbane and especially Tiffany's :) I hope your training is going well and your having a groovy day and you can read more about me at with lots of photos :) enjoy!

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Ciara B Girls vs Boys Running first to 1,000 miles Challenge

Stattobronze Ciara B logged 6.0 km of Running in 0:30:13


next time convert your run into miles and add your miles to the girls total. then restate the boys total

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