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Sarah L @climbingpanda

Teaching has really taken over as I now work in a boarding school (which I love). On the upside I get to coach hockey and take kids out to get muddy. Downside is that my life isn't really my own apart from in the holidays. Need my little support group back to get me back on track. Oh and I had given up tracking miles etc, but think that I might start again.

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Sarah L Running

Stattosilver Sarah L logged 3.02 km of Running in 0:30:21 on 2 November 2013
Better than Tuesday, but even 30 second run bursts are challenging!, Weather: 14 °C, 16mph SW, 51%


Nice to see you posting (and running!) again Sarah.

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Hannah T Sarah L

Contributorbronze Hannah T I know exactly how you feel. Trying to fit exercise in and teach is difficult to manage. I'm still trying to find the right balance. I found that I just had to make the time and that being in a team sport meant I was less likely to quit - didn't want to let the team down haha. I hope it's all going well for you :)

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Sarah L

Contributorgold Sarah L Today I battled through the South West Snow and ran around an astro pitch for HOURS whilst watching girls trial for JAC ... there were some interesting applicants to be sure. No idea how far I covered (movement appeared to be too small to be picked up by my GPS) but my feet are sore despite the gel inserts in my shoes.

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