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Sarah L @climbingpanda

Teaching has really taken over as I now work in a boarding school (which I love). On the upside I get to coach hockey and take kids out to get muddy. Downside is that my life isn't really my own apart from in the holidays. Need my little support group back to get me back on track. Oh and I had given up tracking miles etc, but think that I might start again.

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Sarah L Neil C

Contributorgold Sarah L Are you being. Good boy today? Please be nice to @alinag when you get there!

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Sarah L

Contributorgold Sarah L Back from the land of the wild haggis. I was very excited to see dolphins, seals, otters and salmon whilst on my numerous wanders. Only some logged though due to lack of battery! Am just having a brief pit stop in north wales (the goldfish is doing some work in the Ogwen valley) before shooting down to Oxford this evening. I love my other half but trailing round the country after him gets a little wearing .... Hmmmmm. Ice cream!!!


You picked a nice day for it. It's roasting here today!

Roomi S encouraged this.

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Sarah L Alina G

Contributorgold Sarah L Shhhh, I'm meant to be packing for Scotland tomorrow ... I've finished school for the summer now and am VERY excited!!! My total exercise over the last few weeks of term has been making sure that I walk about 5 miles a day. Easier than it sounds when you work on a city centre campus!

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Groin Stretch Challenge Exploring Inner Space Challenge Yoga for headaches Challenge Eye of the Needle Pose Challenge Cobra pose (aka the upward dog pose) hold for 30-40 seconds  Challenge Tree pose (1 minute on each leg) Challenge Lay your palms flat on the floor without bending your knees Challenge Warrior One Pose Challenge IT band stretch Challenge Fire log pose Challenge Bikram Half Moon Posture Challenge Hold-your-toes-with-legs-straight for 3 minutes Challenge Lift off the ground for 5 seconds in Lolasana pose! Challenge Firefly pose for 20 seconds Challenge Learn 10 Different Yoga Poses Challenge Spinal Twist Pose Challenge One-legged downward facing dog Challenge Hold Warrior two pose Challenge Lion Pose Challenge Do the Crab - Beginner Challenge
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