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Dave H @daveh

I love to exercise and be out in the fresh air. With 2013 being blighted with illness and injury, looking to rebuild in 2014.

Goals for 2014

More Yoga and Stretching - this is a must! I've learnt my lesson the hard way.

Improve Core and upper body strength

Maintain weight and reduce body fat down to between 10 and 12%
As at 7th April 2014
Weight 70.5kg
Body Fat 15.1%
Resting heart rate 43bpm

Be more consistent with my training. Targets for the year:
Running - 1000 miles
Cycling - 1500 miles
Swimming - Avoid drowning ;)
Skiing - Not break anything :) Yay! Managed to achieve it! A week's skiing in Coumayeur and only one fall - on the last day! Woo Hoo :D

Upcoming races:
May 24/25 - London 2 Brighton Challenge - 100k run/walk and crawl (though looking to run as much as possible).
Terrible conditions with heavy rain and horrendous mud. Lost count of the times I twisted my ankle, Advised by medics to retire at 40k, instead took 2 paracetemol and carried on. Saw the medics again at 56k and wasn't allowed to continue, too much damage to the ankle. Disappointed not to make the 100k, but still managed to complete the 56k course and complete first ultra distance race! :D Bring on the next one :D

September 14 - Budapest Half Marathon

I know it's not an event itself, but May 16th have an interview to crew in the 2017-18 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Excited doesn't come close to describing it lol :D
Have had the interview and been offered a place on the race, as long as pass level 1 training. So may be off to Sydney at the end of the year to start my training! Muchly excited :D

Whatever you do, make sure you do something that scares you :)
(the thought of running 100k scares the living daylights out of me! lol )

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Dave H
London 2 Brighton Challenge, includes a few extra km's after getting lost lol Was aiming to complete the 100km course but had to withdraw at 56km due to damaged ankle tendons. May not have been the one I was aiming for, but will nail the 100k next time and complete the set :)

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Dave H Scott W

Contributorgold Dave H Hi Scott, thanks for the follow. Great goals there, would love to do a tough mudder, who knows maybe one day. Have fun with your challenges :)


Hi Dave thanks for the follow too, never say never and all that, all the best to you!

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You could easily do one @daveh Do they have them there in SA? I used to live in Jeddah. I don't remember any earth ... just sand!!! LOLOL

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I'll definitely do it one day lol :) Yep, plenty of sand here too Peggy, and the sea not too far away but thats it, not a sign of any earth lol :) Would love to see the reaction to one here, get enough strange looks just out running lol :D

encouraged this.

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Dave H Simone B

Contributorgold Dave H Great to see you back training again, so pleased for you. Have a great weekend Simone :D


Thanks so much Dave, it is great to be back training. I hope you have an awesome weekend as well my friend! :o)) xo

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Thanks Simone :) I know that feeling of relief to be back training after an injury. Hope your having a fab weekend :D

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Simone B Dave H

Contributorgold Simone B Hey Dave, thanks so much for the wonderful encouragement, it is really sppreciated, enjoy the rest of your week!! :o)))

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Hey Simone, no worries, and thanks for your support and encouragement too, it means so much :D

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