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David B @davidblairbc

Life is too short; don't wait to try out the things you've always been curious about. Just start on the path and see where it leads.

Summer is here, and victory is mine! I ran my first 5K barefoot on June 23, and finished in under 30 minutes. Now I'm in training to run my first 10K event in September.

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David B One week without alcohol Challenge

Contributorgold David B No alcohol on Wednesday, but I had a strawberry slushie with vodka at the dance club last night, so I will be starting this one over.

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David B No Starbucks for 30 days straight! Challenge

Contributorgold David B Wednesday and Thursday, still no Starbucks; days 23 and 24 of 30 complete.

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30 deep breaths (7 days)  Challenge Go Barefoot All Summer! Challenge The Breakfast Challenge Challenge Be a Daftie Challenge Stop Hitting Snooze for 5 Days! Challenge Create 5 skipping challenges Challenge Keep running on those chilly evenings Challenge
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David B Go Barefoot All Summer! Challenge

Contributorgold David B Barefoot everyday for about a year now, but not quite everywhere. Still conforming to work dress code that requires shoes. I put them on after getting out of the car, wear them walking into the office, and then take them off again at my desk.


Kudos to you sir. I would think being barefoot almost everywhere would prove to be a very difficult challenge and not widely accepted by everyone,so again my hat goes off to you for your dedication. Impressive indeed. Cheers.

encouraged this.

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David B Eat breakfast every day for a month (and then some!) Challenge

Contributorgold David B Wow, a change of pace! Fresh local strawberries with my cereal, yogurt and milk on Wednesday. The banana will have to wait until later. Day 24 of 31 complete.


I have porridge with Blackcurrants & Raspberries; (not nearly as nice as peanut butter on toast) but cheaper & healthier!

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I envy you, Pete! They grow lots of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in the lower Fraser River valley, but it's hard to find fresh blackcurrants.

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