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Alex D @draconarmy

An avid runner, curently enlisted in the US Army

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Alex D

Contributorbronze Alex D Having been on a "medical hiatus" From running for the past two weeks, I have begun to notice flaws not only in my form but also in my daily habits. I have been dealling with a undiagnosed fibular region injury. I have noticed that not only is this due to excessive "pounding" with my left foot (i tend to focus on my right foot when I run), but also to stresses i subconsiously put on the injured reagion. I have noticed that i put that ankle over the oposite knee when im sitting and the point of contact is the point of injury. Also i tend to, again while seated place my right foot on my left ankle thus putting pressure on the tendons and muscles on the outside of my left ankle. These and many other tendancies of abuse to my left leg created a "perfect storm" leading to my current situation.

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Alex D Half marathon Tribe

ok no definative diagnosis but it seams like i have a possible stressfracture on my fibia just above my ankle.  Praying im wrong but in caser i am correct i will be hitting the bike for awhile.  i am looking for any and all advice.  this will be m...

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