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Yami H @drehmos

Martial arts and running are my favorite things to do. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do but after years of being out of it, I'm jumping back in. I'm getting better all the time....Stronger today than yesterday.

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Yami H

Contributorbronze Yami H Oh, tomorrow is also my distance running day. Gonna set a pace, and see how far I can go! Last time was .5 miles at 5 mph, steady. Hmm...I also just got a pair of vibram fivefingers...should I try them for this run or not?

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Yami H

Contributorbronze Yami H Been running a lot, and dieting...I'm taking this losing weight thing seriously now! I'm 2 weeks in, and gonna weigh in again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Yami H

Stattobronze Yami H logged 2.41 km of Running in 0:21:00 on 26 April 2012


This one was actual running. Entirely. I ran with my buddy Harvy, we're both already improving a great deal! I'm so pleased. He's running a 5k with me, like it or not! XD

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good one...improvement and motivations go hand in hand!

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