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Fiona B @fionabranker

I started running while preparing for a Body Fitness competition and fell madly in love with the sport, now I'm as passionate about running as I am about weight training. I run about 3-4 times per week and weight train 4-5. I've overcome many setbacks and challenges in my life, now thanks to TS I can overcome even more. Love God, work hard, train hard, play personal mantra. Oh and say yes to TS! ;-)

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Jeconiah M Fiona B

Contributorgold Jeconiah M “Happy New Year baby....been missing u :( "

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Happy New Year honey...yeah I've been MIA for a while now. How you been? How's training?

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“ I'm doing ok. Been in & out of training again, lately. Work, studying, family know how it goes. Glad to have finally hear from you. At least I know you're ok now. But where the hell have you been?? You doing any races this year?? "

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Run 20 times in May 2013 Challenge Shoulder Shocker Challenge British Military Fitness RED Workout Challenge
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