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Gary B @garyb6

Bought myself a road bike during my mid-life crisis and cycle mainly at weekends. I ran a couple of marathons a long, long time ago and last year took up running again after an 8 year layoff. The running has been tough but now starting to make progress, running my first 10K event in 24 years in September 2012. Not a big fan of indoor training - I prefer fresh air on my face if possible.

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WALK/JOG YOUR DOG 15 TIMES IN SEPTEMBER 2013 Challenge Log 75k walking or running in 2013 Challenge Complete 300 Challenges Challenge DO your to-do list! Challenge 5 times Around the World in 365 days Challenge Get the Silver Medal for being a Tribesports One to Watch Challenge
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Gary B DO your to-do list! Challenge

Contributorgold Gary B The work 'to do' lists can be soul destroying - they invariably get decimated by unforeseen reactive tasks. I did one recently, quite a long list of 9 tasks. Realised in mid-afternoon that I had a chance of completing one at last, despite dealing with the usual reactive stuff. Determined to complete, I stayed on until 8:00 - a 13 hour work day, but worth it!

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Gary B Gary B

Stattobronze Gary B logged 91.00 km of Cycling in 6:04:50 on 25 August 2013
Lap the Lough 2013 cycle sportive, 25 Aug, 91.2 miles including cycling to/from the car park. Not cycled since middle of June and only my 3rd time on the bike this year. Highest ever daily mileage total, mind!

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Gary B I would walk 500 miles! Challenge

Contributorgold Gary B This is an interesting one:

19 flights from Belfast to Glasgow over 7 months

Belfast: Car park to terminal & walk to Gate 14 - 450m x 2 = 17.1 km total

Glasgow: terminal entrance to Gate 8 = 1000m x 2 = 38 km total

Overall: 55.1 km = 34.2 miles

New total = 233.6 miles

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Gary B

Contributorgold Gary B Forgive me, it's been 7 1/2 months since my last posting and I have not participated in any sports activities since October. Normal winter squash didn't happen as my playing partner had an injury and then his wife said we were too old!!!!
Anyhow, I have given myself a good talking to and have been making progress this week.

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