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Gavin M @gavinm

I'm 5'6", 153 lbs, and my only goal is to hit 145 lbs, which will be about 7% body fat. I mainly weight train, but I parkour with my buddies 5x a week.

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The human feat of strength; Flag Pole for 10 seconds Challenge No Cheese for a Month Challenge Zombie Preparedness Challenge #5 Challenge Lose a stone in weight Challenge Get your BMI below 25 Challenge Get fitter than you have ever been this year Challenge 100 chair dips Challenge Try a sport you've never done before Challenge Hold the plank pose for 3 minutes Challenge Hold the superman position for 1 minute Challenge Run your first 10k Challenge 25 squats a day for 7 days Challenge Commit to being fit -15 gym sessions in 30 days Challenge
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Gavin M

Gavin M Up to being able to hold the flagpole for three seconds. I can't wait till I can hold it for longer than 10seonds

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Gavin M

Gavin M logged 2.5 km of Running in 0:09:50
I'm debating taking the Easter weekend off to let my body repair. It's been 3 weeks without a day of rest, don't get me wrong I've rested muscle groups! But I've just been trying to get to 7% body fat so hard :/


I would say you need a good rest. You'll be able to train harder after the weekend when you're better rested.

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