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Giles F @gilesf

Im mainly a worker and get my fitness from my job as a builder but in my spare time, a run, bike, motorbike ride or hunt keeps the blood pumping.

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Nita K Giles F

Contributorgold Nita K Hi Giles, Happy to follow you on TS. All the best with your challenges. Your job as a builder must be tough but you get to gain a lot from the hard work. Stay challenged and achieve your best Cheers

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Thanks alot Nita your right I need to embrace the gains I get from my job. It certainly gives me a good physical base to start with. Good to see you enjoy your running. I do enjoy the endorphin release any exercise gives me. Especially running, makes me feel better afterwards.

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Yes Giles.. Running takes you to another level of Satisfaction and Confidence. I miss it more than ever since i have been advised bed rest for this week. Hope to get better. You enjoy and have fun... Cheers

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Giles F Eunice Y

Contributorbronze Giles F Hi Eunice. Very inspiring profile words :) Thanks for encouragement :)

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You are most welcome, Giles and glad you like the quote :)

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