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Rob H @hallrob

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get your body fat below 15% Challenge One hundred push-ups Challenge Hold a 1 minute wall squat every day for 7 days Challenge Go running every other day for 2 weeks Challenge Hold the plank pose for 5 minutes  Challenge Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes everyday for 7 days Challenge 50 push ups in one set Challenge 25 squats a day for 7 days Challenge 50 crunches per day for 7 days Challenge 10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge 50 Crunches in a row Challenge 20 chin-ups in one go Challenge 50 push-ups a day for one week Challenge Side plank 30 seconds each side everyday for 7 days Challenge 100 crunches in a row Challenge Complete 50 squats without stopping Challenge 100 chair dips Challenge 8 minute wall squat  Challenge Do 10 Slow Motion Push-Ups. Challenge Run a mile in 8 minutes Challenge 10 Burpees A Day For 7 Days Challenge
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4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge Run for 45 min without walking! Challenge No Cocacola for a month Challenge Go down a jean size!! Challenge No cake for a month. Challenge Run a 10k in less than 50 mins Challenge
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