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Helen T @helent

I'm a sporty Science Nerd and wouldn't have it any other way.

I love nature and being outdoors. I'm particularly fond of cycling and hiking, but I also love kayaking, snorkelling and photography.
We live in an amazing world full of amazing opportunities, get out there and live it.

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30 Second Plank Every Other Day For A Month! Challenge 100 - 4 -10 Challenge No time workout (2 weeks) Challenge No Vending Machine Products for One Month Challenge
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Helen T Bike Commuters Tribe Tribe

For day rides, nothing as I'm mostly off road, even getting to work. But for twilight hours and night time when I'm on the roads, I go for as much as I can. That means flashing white light and strong steady light on f...


Contributorgold Helen T + 23.1 km, new total 568.9 / 2333.6 km, two fun bike rides in two days, happy happy =D


Just did some number crunching, and since today is day 88 of the year, this means that for today at least, I'VE CAUGHT UP! Phew. =D

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Julie  A Helen T

Contributorsilver Julie A Thanks for the follow, sporty Science Nerd Helen :-) Here's to your adventurous side as well as all that makes you you! You have my follow back! Love, Me :))

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Helen T Outdoor Fitness Tribe

Cool, forgot about that, oops, embarassed ... it's just I really liked the other method of searching for specific topics of interest for questions and discussions and forgot that one existed, thanks for the reminder Loretta =D

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