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Hideki T @hidekit

Love skiing & now hooked on running long distance.
SAJ (Ski Association of Japan) Certified Ski Instructor (since 2003)
ICP (Inline Certification Program) Certified Inline Skate Instructor (since 2009)

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Baldy John - Hideki T

Contributorgold Baldy John - Well as I've being off line for a while I decided that I'd pick a page on my followers and go say you're on that page, so "HELLO".......have a great morning, day, evening, night wherever you may be in the world and most of all....."Keep Smiling" :-)

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Alex M Hideki T

Contributorsilver Alex M Hi i want to organise a 5 km run in London at some point just for a laugh to meet other fitness minded people in London I was thinking mid July or August time let me know if you would be interested and I'll keep you posted.

Donald W encouraged this.

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Maxime P Hideki T

Contributorgold Maxime P Hi hideki! seems like you like running as much as I do!
I need your help for my challenge :)
I need a lot of vote to win a contest. If I win, they give me 15 000$ to run 1500km acros qc. You only avec to like desjardins page on FB and vote for my project! You can also share it with your FB friends if you want :)
Thanks a lot

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