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Petr P @hluva

I have started barefoot/minimalist/natural running, and it is pure freedom, love and joy of running. I also do yoga a lot, slackline, cycle, hike. Eating healthy - almost vegetarian (just fish for now)

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Petr P Rita M

Contributorbronze Petr P Hey Rita, thanks for the follow :


And thanks for the follow back! Love your country, by the way...even if my visit was brief and way too long ago. :)

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You have been in Czech? Nice! :-) I am going to the USA again for this winter for a month.. West Coast.. love it there too :)

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I was there in 2002 on a show choir tour. Sadly, wasn't there for long. But I loved what I did see and do there! Beautiful country and people! I also, apparently, have a look alike there. My hosts were POSITIVE they knew me. haha

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Petr P Cat C

Contributorbronze Petr P Hey Cat, thanks for following. I love the running the same as you :) Keep on challenging.

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