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Iris K @irisk

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Coffee only in the morning! For a month! Challenge Sun salutation Challenge Stay off the cookies (biscuits in UK) for a month Challenge The importance of the rest day - one month Challenge Cobbler's Pose Challenge touch your forehead to your knees Challenge Chair Pose Challenge No Treat @Work Challenge Sleeping and Waking up Early for 21 Days! Challenge No Mcdonalds for 365 days Challenge Dead Bug Pose Challenge Enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!! Challenge No junk food Challenge No pizza for a month Challenge Downward Facing Dog Pose Challenge No biscuits for a month. Challenge No sugar in your tea or coffee for a week. Challenge No cake for a month. Challenge The Fast Food Challenge Challenge Touch your toes with legs straight Challenge Hold the superman position for 1 minute Challenge 30 Days without Chocolate Challenge 4 weeks without Alcohol Challenge 4 weeks without soda drinks Challenge Give your skin a natural boost -2 litres of water per day for a month Challenge
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