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Daya N @itsdaya

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Dead Bug Pose Challenge Hold the High Lunge pose for 1 minute Challenge Single-Leg Bridge Challenge Hold Plough Pose For One Minute Challenge Camel Pose Challenge Hold the boat position for 1 minute every day for 14 days Challenge Side plank pose:  Hold it for 2 minutes Challenge Touch your toes with legs straight Challenge 51 Suryanamaskars (Sun Salutations) a day for a week !  Challenge Guided Visualization for Relaxation Challenge Little Thunderbolt Pose Challenge Sugar Cane Pose Challenge Sage Half Bound Lotus Challenge Heron Pose Challenge Upward Plank for 5 minutes Challenge Move From Plough To Knee To Ear Pose And Hold For One Minute Challenge Hold Lotus Shoulder Stand For One Minute Challenge Leg Split with backbend Challenge: 1 Minute duration Challenge Hold the Lord Of The Dance Pose-30 seconds  Challenge Sage Tree Pose Challenge Flying Warrior Pose Challenge Feathered Peacock Pose Challenge Scorpion Pose Challenge Hold the half moon pose for 2 minutes everyday for 2 weeks Challenge Balancing Challenge for about 2 minutes Challenge Firefly pose for 20 seconds Challenge Do Mayurasana Challenge Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose Challenge
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