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Jack M @jackm

I was declared dead, and thought I would be stuck in a wheel chair because of a bone spur (Heel Spur) in my left hip but the Lord bestowed on me the determinence, a high pain threshold, and a desire to MOVE!!

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Upward plank for 3 minutes Challenge Hold the plank pose for 3 minutes Challenge Hold the plank pose for 2 minutes everyday for 7 days Challenge Side plank pose:  Hold it for 2 minutes Challenge 90sec plank Challenge Hold the Plank pose for 1 minute every day for 7 days. Challenge Plank 1 minute a day for 7 days Challenge Run 3 times a week for 4 weeks Challenge Side plank/plank/side plank everyday for 7 days Challenge Side plank 30 seconds each side everyday for 7 days Challenge 2 x 30 second side-plank (1 each side) Challenge 30 second plank  Challenge STOP BEING A COUCH POTATO! Challenge Side plank/plank/sideplank Challenge One minute plank Challenge
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Jack M 30 second plank  Challenge

Contenderbronze Jack M completed the 30 second plank Challenge


Well done! next up, the 1 min plank for 7 days :)

Jack M encouraged this.


Blimey, I've done this - its hard!

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