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Jack N @jacknunes

CPT, P90X and TRX certified professional.
"Helping REAL people with REAL life struggle".
I'm not here to help you get a 6-pack or search for the "perfect body". My goal is to to help you realize that a healthier life is a happier life (and longer life too :D).
Join me on my journey of ending the trend of obesity.
Together we can do more.

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Joseph M Jack N

Contributorgold Joseph M Hello Jack, I like your profile goal. I’m also keen to promote a healthier more active life for people like myself who have never had a weight problem, but don’t exercise. Life is so much happier, as you say, when you get up and do some exercise and success comes from finding a sport or exercise that is fun for you or challenging in a way you find rewarding. So - I’m with you, healthier and happier - all the way! Joseph

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Jack N completed 10 Challenges

Five On the Ball Challenge Breathe Challenge 40 stability ball push ups Challenge Screw The Neighbours Challenge Exercise every day in January Challenge Tuesday 5KM Spinning in gym (Fresh start) Challenge Run 2 Miles On Wednesday Between 7am and 10am Challenge WEDNESDAY Run 1.50KM (Fresh Start) Challenge WEDNESDAY Run 2 KM (Fresh Start) Challenge Burning Biceps Challenge
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Jack N Screw The Neighbours Challenge

Contributorgold Jack N hahah this is funny! My neighbor really doesn't like me because of that. I turned my living room into a gym and they are not very pleased with the noise. However, I keep it to business hours, or I try the roof deck.

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Your neighbors probably need to join you instead of complaining! : )

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Jack N Burning Biceps Challenge

Contributorgold Jack N One week of this challenge for me.
First weight (30% of 180lbs) = 55 (used 70lbs)
Last weight (15% of 180lbs) = 30 lbs (used 25lbs - long and controlled moves)
Check. It does burn your biceps.
Thanks for creating this challenge Warren K!

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Jack N

Contributorgold Jack N So today I got a message from TS's CEO saying that I've been spamming users' walls.
Honestly, people who have interacted with be outside this social network knows very well my true intention. I have e-met a lot of fantastic tribers here. People who like me are passionate about helping others getting fit. People who have struggled with their weight. People who had nobody but themselves to overcame their limits.
Believe me, I am here to help.
However, I apologize if I bored you at any point with my passion for helping YOU getting fit and healthy. My passion to share the wealth and knowledge.
I am not giving up. I am just going to reply to those who are already follow me.
I believe I have the right to engage in a healthy conversation with those who share the same goals as me.

Thanks for your support Mr. Ryan Reid. Truly appreciated.
You just gave me another Zillion ideas on how to help people get healthy FOR REAL, not just as a game where they can just "encourage" it :D


More than welcome to write on my wall Jack! :D

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I don't believe we need baby sitting are very propositive, and here Tribers are old enough to be able to "turn down" a polite proposal of help - and spamming is a strong word Thanks to you for your time and efforts

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Jack N Laura E

Contributorgold Jack N Hey @lauraflynn23! How are you?

As a fellow triber and the creator of “how to get rid of love handles” community, I come to you today with a hand and heart full of hope to offer support and advice on how to live a healthier, happier fulfilling life. You may be thinking: What is he talking about?

Well, one of my goals for the year of 2013 is to help 1,000 people to get fit and healthier. All I want is to be a “life changer” and I was wondering if you want to be part of my journey. I read your bio as well as checked some of your posts and challenges and decided to offer you a hand. I am here to assist you in any way you may need. I am here to offer you my help, support and knowledge so you can make better decisions every day. It all starts with one first step. That first step is to send me an email sharing your story and how you think I could help you. If I can help at all. Please, give yourself a chance to succeed. Email me and let’s make it happen.

Thanks so much.
In health and wealth,

PS: I live in Boston as well. :D

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