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Jamie G @jamie

Keen cyclist / mountain biker, spent 3 years touring Asia by bike. Have always done quite a bit of hiking, mountain climbing. Member of the Tribesports team. Want to get back into squash and try something new

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Jay G Jamie G

Contributorgold Jay G Hey Jamie - Cool about touring Asia by bike. We have been living in Japan for the past two years - love it!

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Jamie G Ocean Snorkelling Tribe

Jamie G created the Ocean Snorkelling Tribe

Lovers of the sea, ocean dwelling creatures, reef and beach, who frankly can't be bothered with the hassle of full SCUBA breathing apparatus for the benefit of a couple of metres depth. Just grab your snorkel, mask and flippers and you're away!
Jamie G One hundred push-ups Challenge

Jamie G Sticking to the one hundred push ups plan, this morning 9+11+8+8+20 = 56

Arnaud L encouraged this.


The method you use seems to work ! You were not around 30/35 the other day ?


Yeah 30 the first time, but I started off at an easy level. Probably get more difficult now

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Jamie G Cycle to work Tribe

Jamie G replied to the topic Short sleeves!

Gremlins on bikes, that's an idea.

I'm a firm believer in long sleeves when cycling. In my opinion there's no advantage to short sleeves - your arms get cold on downhills and they get sunburnt. Lose - lose

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