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Johnny Miles ' @jgogets

Entered my mid 40's overweight and out of shape. My health was questionable. Started exercising in Jan 2012 on the treadmill. Completed my 1st half marathon in April 2012. Since then, I trained for and completed my first full marathon in April 2013 and second in Nov 2013! Up next is the Marine Corp Marathon OCT 2014. I Love the way TS motivates me! "No matter if you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T, you are right!", Henry Ford

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Run 365 Miles in 365 Days!  Challenge Run 4 Half Marathons in a Year Challenge The 40's.. not what you thought Challenge
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Johnny Miles ' Dial It Up Relay Challenge

Contributorgold Johnny Miles ' 20k for Training Weasels! Across the Bay 10k with my teammie @shelnova! What a great day!


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Johnny Miles '

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