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Jizelle D @jizelled

The profile picture that you see is me after suffering 2 mild heart attacks, developing high cholesterol, adult onset asthma and hypertension and undergoing 2 emergency surgeries for hermangioma, all this happened in April 2011-December 2011. As you see I am doing excellent with CLEAN EATING and light EXERCISING. My aim is to be fit and sexy at 42 years this November for my birthday. I am drinking Green Coffee which made me lose 33 pounds that I gained when I fell ill April 2011. I am now off my asthma medications, cholesterol medications and hypertension medications. I have now developed "ME TIME" for one hour every day from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. AND I AM NOW LEARNING TO LOVE ME. My goal is to drop some more weight and wear my first ever bikini ( I HATE THE BEACH) LOL. So far I am proud of my fitness and health accomplishments. WOOT WOOT. I am presently doing SHAUN T INSANITY and I JUST LOVE IT.

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Jizelle D Get fit without joining a gym Tribe

Contributorsilver Jizelle D I am using Insanity by Shaun T the Beach Body dvds and it is a blast I am losing weight and inches and looking fit FINALLY


Best of Luck Jizelle. And very well done.

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Eat Fruit and Low Fat Yogurt for breakfast for 1 Week Challenge 8 WEEKS OF INSANITY! Challenge
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Jizelle D 8 WEEKS OF INSANITY! Challenge

Contributorsilver Jizelle D This is my second rounds of Insanity I did not complete Month 2 due to illness so I decided to re do it from Month 1. I am pleased with it but just my tummy is still a pillow but I did lose 6 inches off of my tummy but I want to see muscles just like my arms and legs are gaining muscles (my inner thigh I am not pleased with it I am still seeing cellulite there)

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Try the second month. Rhythm is different and the results will be more obvious !!!

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